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Where to Buy Fresh Fish in JB. Pasar Ikan Bakar Batu in Permas Jaya

Got up early this morning to visit Pasar Ikan at Kampung Bakar Batu in Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru. It's a popular place where locals get the daily catch of fresh fish from Orang Asli fishermen at slightly lower than town prices. There are also some fishmongers here.

The street side fish market is along the Tebrau River right next to Bayu Marina Resort in Permas Jaya (that big white building in the background). For drivers, the easiest way to get here is to set your WAZE App to either "Bayu Marina Resort" or "Pasar Ikan Bakar Batu".

The pasar ikan (fish market) is for Orang Asli fishermen to sell their daily catch. It opens from 8am - 10am daily.

Visitors park their cars along the road beside the pasar ikan.

The fish market is along Sungai Tebrau river. It shifted here from Stulang Laut three years ago.

I was at the fish market at 7:30am and watched Orang Asli bring their catch to the market in small sampan boats. Other early birds were also watching 😄

By 8am this Sunday morning, all the stalls were set up and there were throngs of customers in the bustling fish market. 

There were about 15 or so large and small stalls at the fish market. Some were Orang Asli fishermen stalls, others were fishmongers. This is one of the larger ones.

This was one of the smaller stalls. It was dealing in crabs - flower crabs (swimmers) and mud crabs caught in the mangroves of Johor around Masai, Kong Kong, Pendas etc.

Live blue swimmers. They make great stock 😋

The Orang Asli's catch are usually a random mix of various small fishes and crabs.

Orang Asli stalls tend to sell random odd fish and crabs as it all depends on what was netted or hooked during the night.

But, one thing for sure, the fish are very fresh. Some were even still in rigor mortis (a stiffness indicating that it died just a few hours ago).

Wild sea prawns at RM38 per kg.

Oysters. Yes, Johor does have wild oysters.

There were even a handful of horseshoe crabs.

Krill (small shrimps) still twitching and jumping caught off Masai.

Lady from Singapore who comes here weekly showing me her loot of krill and prawns. She's going to make prawn crackers with these, she said.

Wild sea bass which tastes nothing like farmed sea bass.

These fresh wild snappers are great for asam pedas and curry fish head.

Some of the fishmonger stalls have the fish weighed and price tagged, which makes things very convenient. Haggling is the norm here.

The fishmonger stalls sell fish from Pontian and Mersing.

The stalls selling bigger fish will clean the fish for you.

There were a handful of fruit and vegetable stalls, so you can pretty much get the day's marketing done here.

Flashback: This picture was taken when the fish market was at Stulang Laut. That shoreline behind was Singapore (across the Johor Straits).

Pasar Ikan Bakar Batu

Address: Jalan Bayu Puteri 2, Kampung Bakar Batu, Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1°30'05.4"N 103°47'14.0"E | 1.501506, 103.787225
Waze"Bayu Marina Resort" or "Pasar Ikan Bakar Batu"
Hours: 8:00am - 10:00am daily

Date visited: 2 Sep 2018

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