Thursday, 10 May 2012

Coco Garden Asam Pedas in Muar, Johor

Muar is well known for its otak otak and also its asam pedas fish.

Coco Garden Asam Fish is one of the stalls popular with Muar locals. This stall located in Coco Garden Hawker Centre is run by the friendly Ong couple. They were operating a cze char (literally means “cook and fried” stall in Hokkien dialect) for 20 years until they decided to specialise in asam pedas fish about 10 years ago.

The Ongs make their own sambal chilli which sits prominently in a large aluminium pot at the front of the stall.

In terms of taste, Coco Garden’s asam fish reminded me of that of the other popular asam fish outlet in Muar, at the famous Merlin Restaurant. The fish head we ordered was very fresh, and was cooked and served in a light asam gravy that was sour and spicy hot. Like Merlin, Coco Garden’s asam pedas is more asam than pedas, giving it a taste that is more sour than spicy hot.

The taste of the asam pedas was not overpowering – it merely complements and enhances the natural flavours of the fresh juicy fish.

The other popular dish at Coco Garden is their fried “dragon tongue” fish. Fried “dragon fish” has become another “must try” food when visiting Muar. Again the dish relies on the freshness of the fish for its flavour.

The towkay recommended that we eat the fish with some dark sauce soy.

Personally, my taste buds prefer eating the succulent white flesh without any condiments so that I can taste its natural freshness and flavours.

I enjoyed Coco Garden's asam pedas fish and fried dragon tongue fish.

Restaurant name: Coco Garden Asam Fish
Address: Coco Garden Hawker Centre, Jalan Hj Hassan, Muar, Johor
GPS: 2.046519,102.574946
Non Halal

Date visited: 7 May 2012

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