Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Traditional Chinese Cakes at Tangkak Traditional Bakery in Tangkak, Johor

Jalan Solok in Tangkak is well worth a visit. Along this side street off Jalan Muar, you can find the legendary Kuang Fei Tangkak beef kway teow. And you have on this street, not one, not two, but three traditional Chinese bakeries – every one with no less than 50 years of history each.

This one simply named Tangkak Traditional Bakery is the one furthest from the main street (Jalan Muar).

As always in such set ups, the whole production process is done at the premises and the entire family chips in.

Grinding the mung bean

The front end of the production process - preparing the dough

Putting the water and oil based dough together - secret to a flaky crust
Rolling and flattening the dough

The tail end of the production process - stuffing in the fillings
Stuffing in the fillings - the final step before putting into the oven

The biscuits are still packed in these quaint traditional paper wrappings – each tube costs RM2.50. For Singaporeans, these reasonably priced traditional biscuits make excellent gifts which are well appreciated as freshly made ones are not easily available in Singapore nowadays.

Freshness of the biscuits is assured because the turnover at this bakery is high as it is popular with locals and tourists who take away by the bagfuls.

Restaurant name: Tangkak Traditional Bakery
Address: 22-2, Jalan Solok, Tangkak, Johor
: 2.265371,102.540206
Non Halal

Date visited: 19 Apr 2012, 7 May 2012

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