Wednesday, 18 July 2012

德记 Chicken Rice @ Kim Ling 金岭 Coffee Shop in Taman Perling, Johor Bahru

德记 is the popular chicken rice stall at Kim Ling 金岭 Coffee Shop in Taman Perling, Johor Bahru.

I stumbled upon 德记 by chance. While walking pass Kim Ling 金岭 one morning, this row of bulbous, plump, nude chickens strung up to air dry, caught my eye.

So, this is how fried chickens which are crispy outside, and tender and juicy inside are made, I thought to myself.

The chickens were deep fried right there at the front of the chicken rice stall. I love watching food being prepared.

Ain't these freshly fried golden brown chickens, simply irresistible?

The chicken rice too is freshly cooked. Rice with pandan leaves, lemon grass and ginger slices readied for the pot.

The bushel of fresh pandan leaves used in cooking the chicken rice is delivered fresh everyday by the happy couple behind, in the motorbike.

德记 chicken rice is good though I was not overwhelmed by this very photogenic RM4 chicken rice in the departments of taste, aroma or texture - but, don't take my word for it. This was white, breast meat and I am partial to juicier thigh meat. I was also eating on a full stomach and my taste buds were all messed up that day with too much pork offal, banana cake and kopi o kaw, in double quick succession.

There has got to be something special here that queues of people were willingly waiting for. The stall owner couple was working at a frantic pace. The young lady owner was darting and dashing swiftly between the tables and the stall. I didn't remember the "tuk, tuk, tuk" sound of the chopper blade stopping at anytime that I was at 德记. The row of freshly fried chickens flew off the rack in mere minutes. Some of the customers were taking away chicken rice in Styrofoam boxes stacked high like a small mountain.

My recommendation - choice in food is very democratic. 德记 chicken rice has plenty of votes, so give 德记 chicken rice a try. You might become a fan too.

Restaurant name: 德记 Chicken Rice Stall @ Kim Ling 金岭 Coffee Shop
Address: 19, Jalan Simbang, Taman Perling, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.482709,103.681223
Hours: Hawker stalls operate from 7:00am to 2:00pm (Closed on alternate Wednesdays)
Non Halal

Driving from JB checkpoint to Taman Perling.

Date visited: 16 July 2012


  1. is this far from the causeway?

    1. Taman Perling is about 20 minutes drive from Causeway during smooth traffic.

  2. Seen your post on Kim Ling Coffee Shop, are you able to roughly guide how to get there after exit from Custom (Woodlands)?

    I dun use GPS so always have to trial and error on all the food hunt that you visit.

    Greatly appreciate.

    1. I've added a Google Map on driving from JB checkpoint to Taman Perling. Hope that helps.

  3. The stall has moved. The owner now has his own shop along Jalan Undan 18, Taman Perling. It's just next door to Chungky Cafe.


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