Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lok Lok @ Restoran Sing 阿勝律律 in Taman Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru

I have been asked many times where to eat lok lok 律律 in Johor Bahru.

Recommended by my JB friends, I went to check out Restoran Sing 阿勝, the popular lok lok 律律 shop in Taman Permas Jaya. Restoran Sing 阿勝 is located in the commercial area near the Jusco Shopping Centre in Permas Jaya.

We were at the famous Restoran Sing 阿勝律律火鍋 before business starts at 6:00pm but already customers were seated waiting for the signal to begin J.

Restoran Sing workers were busy preparing and laying out the food. As we watched them pile up the food, we got hungrier and hungrier L.

Once the signal to start was given, customers surged forward to the piles of lok lok like school children running to the tuck shop when the bell rings for recess time J. (ok.. ok... I exaggerate, but you get the picture ;P). The customers went through the piles of lok lok like bargain hunters on the opening day of the Great Singapore Sale. (There I go again ;P)

Newbies like us took our time, fascinated by the colours and textures of the bewildering variety of food on display. There were so many choices that we had a hard time making up our minds J.

Seeing what the rest did, we handed our plates spilling over with goodies skewered with skinny wooden sticks to the friendly workers. Now, I realised why the others were in such a hurry.

The workers will help us cook the food and there was a long queue of plates with heaps of lok lok! This was on a Thursday night; imagine what would it be like, on a weekend.

Of course, there was the option of do-it-yourself cooking but it seemed that almost all the customers here would rather let the helpful blue shirted workers do the cooking.

Out of the over 80 types of lok lok on display, these are some of what we picked. (I was struggling with the lighting, taking pictures at a roadside table at night.)


Restoran Sing offers 4 types of sauces to dip our lok lok in, from sweet to chili sauce so hot that it would stink your tongue.

I like the fiery one most J.

Besides lok lok, Restoran Sing 阿勝 is also famous for their chicken cooked in wine, la la (clams) in garlic and ginger, and seafood porridge, all of which I will be coming back for.

Lok lok is fun, casual al fresco dining that is a great supper idea J. Now I must find a lok lok truck that offers only do-it-yourself lok lok that we have to eat standing by the roadside.

Restaurant name: Restoran Sing 阿勝律律火鍋
Address: 36, Jalan Permas 10/6, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Masai, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.496931,103.813451
Hours: 6:00pm to 5:00am
Non Halal

Date visited: 4 July 2012


  1. Do you just dip them straight into the sauce? Or you get separate pots?

    1. oh, we put the sauce in little sauce bowls ;D

  2. Omg I tried this before and it's totally worth the drive there.. Abalone mushrooms are the best!!

  3. Opening hours are 6am-5am???Eh???Just noticed it.

    1. oh... hahaha amended :) Thanks for pointing out :)

  4. halo...
    can some1 tell me the price?

  5. any contact no?
    need any reservation?

    1. No need reservation. jus go n you will get your food eventually


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