Monday, 8 October 2012

Makan Blitz with Johor Kakis @ Taman Pelangi Food Centre in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Pelangi Food Centre was our first Makan Blitz session. The idea mooted by Euginn (of WGOIJB) and Kumes was to explore Johor's food centres as a team. Our team ordered dishes from as many stalls as possible and enjoyed the sumptuous spread of food together. We had a lot of fun and good food. Our Johor Kakis were still fresh and beaming with energy at the end of the marathon session.

Taman Pelangi Food Centre awakes at around 6:00pm and party till midnight every night. This is a popular place for casual, affordable dinners and supper. These were the satay, laksa yong tau foo, and fish soup/ pork organ soup stalls.

The claypot chicken, cuttle fish/ rojak, five spice 五香, and fruit juice stalls.
The Hokkien mee, kway teow kia, mee hoon kuih, and Penang char kway teow stalls.

How did we like the food? No Johor state level champions here but Pelangi Food Centre has a good collection of hawkers who serve good standard hawker fare at very reasonable prices in a convenient, central location. Well, we finished all the food we ordered, so it was a clear sign that the food was pretty good here. 

Claypot Chicken
Claypot Chicken

The claypot chicken had all the works - tender well marinated chunks of chicken, lap cheong (Cantonese pork sausages), salted fish, spring unions and caramelised rice drizzled with dark soy based gravy.

Hokkien Mee
Hokkien Mee
The Hokkien mee was competently executed. Like the other dishes, the plate of Hokkien mee was polished clean by our Kakis.

Pork organ soup offal

Nicely done pork offal soup that even picky connoisseurs won't have much to complain about.

Kang Kong Cuttle Fish
Kang Kong Cuttle Fish
This cuttle fish kang kong won the most votes. The kang kong was fresh, the cuttle fish tender yet springy and the sambal gravy was an attractive blend of savoury, spicy and sweet.

The rojak from the same cuttle fish stall was also popular with our Johor Kakis. Those heavily flavoured skinny, paper thin, dried cuttle fish slices were highlighted by a few of us.

Chicken Satay
Chicken satay
Beef Satay
 Beef satay

These satay earned praises from most Kakis. Almost no fats on the meat, yet were still tender and not overly dry.

The marinate was loaded with flavour and the satay's taste was further enhanced by dipping it in the peanut sauce.

Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice
This plate of chicken breast meat cooked in dark soy sauce would appeal to the health conscious.

Penang Fried Kway Teow
A few of us liked this Penang char kway teow. Nicely done and serving it on a banana leaf was a nice touch.
Kway Teow Kia
Kway Teow Kia
The kway teow kia stall owner was very warm and obviously proud of his food. He was eager that we all enjoyed his braised pork offal, which we did, looking at what was left over - nothing except for a wet plate :)
Mee Hoon Kuih 
The mee hoon kuih was pretty much like home cooked food, exactly as this traditional Hokkien staple should be. Nothing fanciful or pretentious, just wholesome comfort food for all.
Laksa Yong Tau Foo 
This laksa gravy may not look very heavy bodied but it packed a punch in flavour and was suitably spicy. The laksa was generously loaded with chunky pieces of tasty yong tau foo.
Five Spice 五香
The five spice 五香 stall was most remembered for their crispy fried tofu.

Avocado Juice
The refreshing avocado juice from the fruit juice stall was the most popular drink of the evening. I believe all of us had seconds :)
We had a lot of fun on our first Makan Blitz outing. Pelangi Food Centre is indeed a good place to chill after work and for supper. There is bound to be something for everyone. All the food we had tasted better because of the great company that we had and the casual, welcoming ambiance of Pelangi Food Centre. Come as you are, as you like :) I just love this life style.
The Johor Kakis were already discussing and looking forward to our next outing at Century Garden Food Centre as we ate :)

Restaurant name: Taman Pelangi Food Centre
Address: Open space at the junction of Jalan Perang and Jalan Sri Pelangi (opposite Alliance Bank)
GPS: 1.481395,103.772872
Hours: 6:00pm to midnight
Halal and Non Halal available

Date visited: 3 Oct 2012


  1. what a wonderful post Tony.. Yes its such a delight having to taste every dish in this hawker with all of you.

    Must try:
    Avocado juice
    Cuttle Fish Kang kong sambal

  2. The soup at the claypot chicken rice stall is also pretty good. I like getting that when too busy or lazy to cook.

  3. the bbq stingray there is great. a bit pricey but always delivers.

  4. hi, tony.. i am from the stall of avocado and cutter fish stall daughther :) thank you for your introduce.. our hawker center now opening hours is 5pm-10.30pm :) this is a litter updated from us.. thanks tony for the nice photo and introduce.. we have a new product now. Mango ice mountain. hope u can come have a try :)


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