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Lau Di Kway Teow Soup 老弟潮州粿条汤 in Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru

Lau Di Kway Teow Soup 老弟潮州粿条汤 is an old gem in a pretty forgotten corner of JB old town.

MR Er's grandfather, Lau Di, started this Teochew kway teow soup stall before the Japanese Occupation of 1942.

Today, MR Er carries on the family tradition using the same methods and recipes of his grandfather, Lau Di 老弟. MR Er's uncle Ah Sang runs Sang Heng, the other old style kway teow soup stall just across Jalan Wong Ah Fook.

Lau Di had its heydays when the CIQ was at the old location as the stall was just next to the CIQ then. Since the CIQ shifted, traffic flow to Lau Di was much reduced. 

Most of the customers here are old regulars who know where the best foods are in JB and a new generation who tagged along with their parents. Though just across the Causeway, Lau Di doesn't have much Singapore customers nowadays.

Today, I decided to try mee kia instead of my usual favourites of either kway teow or mee pok. I asked for chili paste to be added to my soy and lard based sauce.

Those pork lard crackles that magically turn plain and simple traditional noodles into tasty delights. 

After a vigorous stir, the fine film of sauce and lard coated mee kia was tasty and tacky yet smooth. The noodles were el dente (QQ). MR Er told me that his wife and daughter make the fresh egg noodles everyday at home.

The same too for these fish balls and most of the ingredients which had been home made all these years.

The most striking thing about Lau Di was their soup. I liked Lau Di's murky, old style soup very much. Lau Di's soup had that distinct prawny aroma.

The cloudy soup has that umami flavour and nice prawny taste. The full bodied soup was not oily yet it felt smooth.

As usual, when making my order, I asked for no minced pork in my noodles as most kway teow soup stalls had much more fat in the minced pork than I would like. Later I noticed that Lau Di's minced pork is made completely with lean meat.

So, for my next visit, I shall ask for this minced pork which I am sure adds texture and flavour to the kway teow soup.

Lau Di is another heritage hawker in JB with that traditional old style taste and flavour worth visiting regularly.

Old location at Jalan Siu Nam

Current location at Taman Sentosa

Restaurant name: Lau Di Teochew Kway Teow Soup 老弟潮州粿条汤
Address: Along Jalan Siu Nam opposite the ESSO petrol station Along Jalan Sutera, at the same row of shop lots with Bierhaus at Taman Sentosa
GPS: 1.459103,103.766126  1.494341,103.783142
Hours: 9:00am to 2:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 15 Nov 2012


  1. After Lau Di's death his bro Ah Seng went to help out at Ah Ngiap, Lau Di's student (closed d - used to be at Jln Ah Siang)and not Lau Di's son ;p

    We stopped going there after his son took over. His son damn arrogant last time... refused to ta pau soup for us and told us off. Since then we have never set foot back in the shop even though we had been eating there since he was only a waiter working for his Dad. It speaks volumes that even his uncle refused to help him but went to help out at Ah Ngiap's shop!

    1. 1. May I know the exact location of where were you told off at? There are several "老弟粿条" in Johor Bahru.

      2. Which son of Lao Di that told you off? Is it the one that you see on the photo? You have to know Lao Di have several sons that have helped out at the shop before.

      Thank you. Please clarify the doubt for us.

    2. At the original shop location... Lau Di and my dad were friends, after he passed away his son Pui Kia (Fat Kid) took over. I am sure of which outlet I am referring to and which son. Pui Kia was the one who refused to tapau soup for us. He still refuses to tapau soup. Recently I decided to forget the past n had lunch there (Tmn Sentosa)... I asked for extra soup as the bowel that was given was really small and only half full... I was asked to pay RM1.00 for extra soup. Then the lady pointed me to the signboard... "RM1.00 for extra soup, RM0.50 for extra chilli" etc etc COME ON LAH WHO THE HELL CHARGES FOR EXTRA SOUP?!?!?! So calculative!
      How do I post pix here? I took a pic of the notice.


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