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59 Restoran Fifty Nine Kway Teow Kia and Braised Duck at Kee Kim Huat Kopitiam in Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The kway teow kia and braised duck at 59 Restoran Fifty Nine stall in Kee Kim Huat kopitiam in Taman Sri Tebrau is one of JB's old favourites :) 
Ah Hua and his wife have been selling their popular kway teow kia and Teochew braised duck for over forty years.

This hardworking couple still makes one of the best and most popular kway teow kia and braised duck in Johor Bahru.
My plate last night of mixed braised pork offal and braised duck with a bowl of kway teow kia noodles. A little bit of everything. 

The dominant flavour of the braised pork offal and braised duck was their natural sweetness brought out and enhanced by the subtly herbal braising sauce. The pork offal were very well cleaned and there were no other smells or tastes other than the fragrant braising sauce and the natural sweet taste of pork and duck.

Ah Hua's braised pork skin was perfectly done - soft yet springy and tasted delicious.

Ah Hua's wife told me that they have a regular customer who would come with his family of four and orders 5 portions of braised pork skin every time. I enjoyed Ah Hua's pork skin myself and found the customer's obsession for it perfectly understandable :P

I especially liked Ah Hua's braised belly pork.
When I chew all the three layers of lean meat, fat and skin together, it created a chewy, smokey yet smooth blend of textures that was at the same time sweet and savoury. The skin in particular had a nice candy like gummy texture which I liked.
Ah Hua and his wife are justifiably proud of their braised duck. The tender duck meat had very little fat and when chewed with that thin sliver of skin became a mushy sweet treat in the mouth.

This little bowl of preserved cabbages was tangy and savoury with subtle spicy hints from the dried chili peppers.

It was neither overly salty nor too soft (which are the common faults with average preserved cabbages).

The crunchy yet spongy tau pok was a nice way to enjoy the tasty braising sauce.
We added a plate of tofu and large intestines. The large intestines were naturally sweet, tender and felt like braised tofu skin.

The soft and porous tofu sponged up the savoury braising sauce making it a delightful treat.

The kway teow kia noodles soaking in piping hot braising sauce. The tasty braising sauce was neither salty nor oily, and was thus highly drinkable.

Everything sold at the stall is home made by Ah Hua and his wife, including this chili sauce. The chili sauce was not overly spicy and it had a smooth, highly agreeable texture.
Crunchy and soft pork ears
Braised skin from pig's head
Other customers' delicious looking orders.

59 Kia Teow Kia stall is a Must Try heritage stall.
Restaurant name: 59 Kway Teow Kia inside Kee Kim Huat coffee shop 纪金发茶餐室
Address: 80, Jalan Badik, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.487037,103.768782
Hours: 3:00pm to midnight (closed on Thursdays)
Non Halal

Dates visited: 8 Aug 2012, 5 Sep 2012, 7 Nov 2012

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