Monday, 5 November 2012

Cendol at Yan @ Md Zain Cendol in Taman Melodies in Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Few things can beat the relief from the stifling heat on a typical sunny day in Johor than a good cendol.
Shaving ice
Adding gula Melaka
Adding the pandan jelly "worms"

And, the cendol of Yan @ Md Zain on a typical mobile cendol stall just outside the Maybank Branch along Jalan Tebrau in Taman Melody is a hot local favourite. Everyone who lives or works around here knows about Yan @ Md Zain cendol.

This cendol made of pandan jelly "worms", mashed boiled red beans, sweet corn, gula Melaka (palm sugar) and shaved ice in creamy coconut milk is smooth and delicious. Despite all the sweet ingredients, it was actually not overly sugary, hence its attraction.

Enjoying ice cold cendol, sitting on a row of plastic stools along a five foot way together with friends, taking cover from the blazing sun behind that narrow strip of shadow is a kind of blissful bonding, did you realize, my friends?

Restaurant name: Yan @ Md Zain Cendol
Address: Jalan Meranti Merah, off the Tebrau Highway, just outside the Maybank Branch Tebrau
GPS: 1.494003,103.766159
Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm (closed on public holidays)

Date visited: 23 Oct 2012


  1. Hi, Chendol was my favourite dessert and i try alot of stall in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. After trying all and i found one if the best in Johor Baru Yan@Md.Zain Chendol. The texture of the Chendol was so smooth and delicious. Having a bowl was not enough for me. I had recomendded a few of my Singaporean friends and even cater Yan@Md.Zain Chendol for my relatives wedding occasion in Singapore a couple of times.The feedback was marvelous and thumbup.

  2. It's heartwarming to see these enterprising n industrious cousins hard at work. They even advice if I'm taking away in a plastic bag [instead of a bowl w lid], 2 people can share. And they also asked if I was going to be taking a longer time to reach home to consume the yummilicious dessert, they will make the Chendol more concentrated and thus I've to add my own ice when I am ready to have it. Service at it's best..2 thumbs up!!!


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