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"Foodie Blogger" NTV7 @ Kacang Pool Haji at Selera Larkin in Johor Bahru

Kajang Pool set RM5.00

Kacang Pool Haji at Selera Larkin was one of the stalls featured in the Johor Bahru episode of the second series of the NTV7 "Foodie Blogger" programme. In the JB episode of "Foodie Blogger", I brought TV host Ernest Chong to try out some of most popular foods here.


At the kacang pool stall at Selera Larkin, a worker was busy making thick toasts with margarine. Kacang pool is originally from the Middle East. Pak Hj's kacang pool differs from the versions in the Middle East where this dish is eaten with flat bread, similar to naan. In the Singapore version, kacang pool is eaten with French loaf. Only in Johor is kacang pool eaten with thick toast.


The worker making the sunny side up eggs. Again, Pak Hj's kacang pool differs from the Middle Eastern versions in using sunny side up eggs. In the Middle East, some regions use no eggs at all, some use raw eggs and others use hard boiled eggs with their kacang pool but never with sunny side up eggs. So, this is uniquely Johor. 


Kacang pool is eaten with a thick dipping sauce. The main ingredient in the dipping sauce is broad beans, the same as in the Middle East. The beans are stewed until it becomes a mash.


Another key ingredient is beef mince. This is Pak Hj's innovation as the kacang pool dip in the Middle East is vegetarian. When I stepped into Pak Hj's kitchen where beef were stewing in these pots, the air was filled with rich beefy aroma. I love it and couldn't wait to taste Pak Hj's kacang pool again.


Kacang pool is eaten by first squeezing the lime into the dip, and then using a spoon to break the egg and mix it into the beef and broad bean sauce. The chopped fresh onion and green chili are also mixed into the dip.

The dip is tangy from the squeezed lime, sweet from the chopped onions, spicy from the chopped chili and savoury from the minced beef and broad beans. 


The thick slice of white bread is spread with margarine and toasted on a flat grill till slightly charred and golden brown.

Kacang pool is eaten by breaking the bread and eating it with the dip.

I love it.


Pak Haji interviewed for the "Foodie Blogger" programme.


At the end of the filming, our customary picture with the boss, Pak Haji Makpol.

->> Try Kacang Pool Haji - it's a wonderful, unique tea or supper time snack. This unique JB interpretation of the Middle Eastern staple is packed full of beefy flavours and enjoyed with a sunny side up and thick greased toast.

I joked that bliss is enjoying Hj Makpol's kacang pool with teh terik with friends in a nice air conditioned cafe.

Restaurant name: Kacang Pool Haji

Address: Gerai 3, Medan Selera Larkin, Susur 5, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Johor Baru (next to Bomba Larkin fire station)
GPS: 1.485586,103.750205 / 1°29'08.1"N 103°45'00.7"E
Hours: 7:00am to 1:00am daily


Date visited: 25 Jan 2012, 24 Feb 2014

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  1. Same at Malacca...located at Plaza Pandan Malim, beside 7-Eleven
    Anggerik 8 Restaurant...must try

  2. Must try at Restaurant Anggerik 8
    at Plaza Pandan Malim Malacca beside Econsave Balai Panjang

    1. Thank you for the tip. Shall look for this stall when I am in Malacca. Appreciate much.

  3. You can also try Roti Bakar Kacang Phool penang whenever you are up north


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