Sunday, 16 February 2014

Malaysia Boleh! KL Wanton Mee at Jurong Point, Singapore


Malaysia Boleh! food court at Jurong Point in Singapore has a stall that serves KL style wanton mee.

Having lived in Kuala Lumpur for a few years, I like the KL style of wanton mee with that heavy lard and char siew drippings. I often joked with my foodie kakis that it's the wanton mee with overused motor oil - black, heavy, gummy, gooey and almost makes your heart stop a beat just by looking at it.

But, it is so darned irresistible :S

Outside of KL, I am skeptical that I will ever find any wanton mee to match.


Like they say in that old, popular Chicago song, "Baby, what a big surprise...."

The owners of Malaysia Boleh! food court went all the way to KL's famous food street, Jalan Alor and persuaded the KL wanton mee seller there to teach them the recipe.

And, they brought it back to Singapore.


They even got a KLite, Ah Mun to run the wanton mee stall at Malaysia Boleh! Ah Mum knows very well what the KL wanton mee benchmark is :D


Dark soy sauce, lard crackles, and I believe char siew drippings, caramel and other trade secrets :D


The char siew 叉燒 in the stall window were still trickling dribbles of that precious sweet and savoury nectar.


KL style wanton mee. This one at Malaysia Boleh! certainly looked the part after a good tossing in the sauce.


Just imagine for yourself - a sauce of char siew drippings, soy sauce, caramel, lard (plus other ingredients I don't know). My foodie kakis gushed. I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, jaw dropping surprised.

It felt like that moment when you embraced a long lost friend whom you bumped into, in the most unexpected place. (Food court can have good food, meh?)

The noodles were also very likable. Slurpy smooth when coated with the sauce, the noodles were el dente in spaghetti speak or QQ in our language.


The thin slice of char siew was pretty good too - lean, fat with a caramelised outside layer. (My favourite wanton mee stall in KL serves the char siew in chunks.)


The golden nugget of pure lard was the best :P


The wanton was good too. Big and meaty with sesame aroma. The soup was sweet and laced with aromatic lard.

Oh, my favourite KL wanton mee stall's motor oil is thicker by a couple of notches but that's another story.... we are down here in Singapore/ Johor.


Malaysia Boleh! Food Court
Address: Jurong Point II, Level 3 (at Boon Lay MRT Station), Singapore
GPS: 1.340615,103.706312
Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

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  1. I've only tried their curry chicken kway teow, chicken rice and char kway teow. Wah, looks like I got to go try the wanton mee next time. *slurp*

  2. Now if only they can bring in Klang bak kut teh, my life is almost complete.

    1. Good idea! I shall feedback to the owners :D


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