Sunday, 2 February 2014

Vifon Mi Chay Vegetarian Flavour Cup Instant Noodle


Vifon Mi Chay Vegetarian Flavour Cup Instant Noodle from Vietnam.


The noodle block sat snugly in the small plastic, microwave safe cup.


There were three sachets of oil, garnishing and seasoning powder plus a foldable plastic fork.


The seasoning powder from the sachet. Doesn't look too healthful - the crystals were clearly visible.


The garnishing of dehydrated corn, leek, carrot, cabbage etc


The cup of noodle was ready to eat within 4 minutes. The noodles soaked up most of the water pretty fast.


The noodles were soft and quite bouncy with a slight wheat taste. The noodles were quite likable. I ate all of it.

The murky tea coloured broth had an unfamiliar flavour and taste. There was a chemical smell and taste. The broth was very salty. I couldn't taste more than a spoonful of the broth before putting the cup away. Most of the "broth" were soaked up by the spongy noodles.

The dehydrated garnishing complemented the noodles with some interesting texture but they were otherwise tasteless.


Though the cup noodle came with a sachet of oil, it was not overly greasy. For the dip stick test, it did quite well with very little of the grease sticking to the plastic stick.

Overall, Vifon Mi Chay Vegetarian Flavour Cup Instant Noodle is very affordable, very easy to prepare but the MSG and chemical taste/ aftertaste were quite off putting.

Vifon Mi Chay Vegetarian Flavour Cup Instant Noodle is not certified Halal.

Rating 2.5/10

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