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Warung Restoran Zarahman Masai Johor Bahru JK1126


Whenever I ask my JB friends what to eat in Masai, the warung beside the PETRON petrol station always comes up. Everyone just calls it the "stall at PETRON" which have been around this neighbourhood for over 30 years. Every Masai resident knows this little warong.

This warong is easy to locate as the PETRON station is very prominent along the main road, Jalan Masai Lama. Actually, the "stall beside PETRON" is Warung Zarahman.


Everyone says we must try Warong Zarahman's mee rebus (available from 6:00am to 2:00pm).


Zarahman's mee rebus is delicious, indeed.

It's simple and nice at RM4.


Boiled yellow noodles and bean sprouts bathed in a thick gravy and topped with egg, taukwa and fried shallots. The gravy was savoury, spicy, sweet and nutty. This is a simple traditional mee rebus without the lamb shank or fried big prawn crackers or fried mushroom crackers.

I like Zarahman's simple mee rebus.


Another must try at Warong Zarahman is their nasi lemak ayam RM5.


The nasi lemak is cooked with good quality whole grain rice. When we pushed our spoon into the rice, it released a rich lovely coconut aroma. The tender rice separate easily and has a nice soft nutty bite.


The sambal chili is mildly spicy sweet with anchovy flavour. Delicious.


The fresh chicken is fried till golden brown outside with a slight crisp. The inside is still slightly moist and still have a subtle chicken flavour which I like.

Zarahman's nasi lemak ayam is comparable to the best nasi lemak that I've tried in JB so far.


Inside Warong Zarahman, it is spacious, airy and well shielded from the scorching sun. Service is quick and friendly.


As we were leaving, the queue was already forming for Warong Zarahman's popular nasi briyani (available only on Fridays). Must surely come back for this (and the popular lontong as well) ;-D


The view of the Masai bus terminal and taxi station looking down from Warong Zarahman.

If you are in the Masai area in the morning or at noon, do check out Warong Zarahman.

->> Excellent breakfast pit stop with local warung ambiance. Many traditional dishes on the menu - mee rebus, lontong, nasi lemak, nasi briyani, all good.

Restaurant name: Warung Zarahman

Address: Junction of Jalan Masai Lama and Jalan Berkek 
GPS1.486812, 103.886516 / 1°29'12.5"N 103°53'11.5"E
Hours: Mon - Sat 6:00am to 11:00pm | Sun 6:00am to 11:00am


Date visited: 8 May 2015

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