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Uncle Chicken Rice at Bedok Market Place Singapore (formerly Sin Kee Margaret Drive)


Fans of the famous Sin Kee 新记 at (now demolished) Margaret Drive food centre will be glad to know that the decades old chicken rice stall is still around and kicking thriving.


Restaurant name: Uncle Chicken Rice

AddressBedok Market Place, 348 Simpang Bedok, Singapore S469560
GPS1.331136, 103.948501
Hours: 12:00 noon to 8:00pm (closed on Monday)
Non Halal


Sin Kee is now Uncle Chicken Rice stall run by Niven Leong, one of the founder's sons.


Niven is no spring chicken in chicken rice business - he has been working at Sin Kee since his teens. Niven's dad founded Sin Kee in the early 1970s.


While Niven is open to innovation, he has kept faith with the basics that made Sin Kee's chicken rice a local favourite. Niven still makes his poached chicken using this tall unique steel pot fabricated based on his dad's design and specifications.


Uncle / Sin Kee's classic poached chicken cut in large chunks was splashed with a blend of lightly flavoured sesame oil and soy sauce.


When my teeth sank into the tender succulent flesh, the first thing that struck me was that the natural chicken flavour 鸡味 and aroma were still intact - 鸡味 is something often missing or masked by sauces in many other chicken rice stalls.

The chicken flesh was tender, juicy and smooth. Some of the chunks had jelly-like gelatin between the skin and meat. The flesh was naturally sweet (and not sugary).

The tender rice was aromatic, not too greasy and the grains were loose and separate easily. The garlic and chicken flavour in the rice were subtle.

All the stock from poaching the chicken were used to boil the rice, hence Uncle Chicken Rice does not provide soup (which other stalls do). Niven said that this is a tradition since the old Sin Kee days. (Yes, I remember we always bought vegetable soup from the auntie two or three stalls away from the old Sin Kee at Margaret Drive.) 


I like the dips at Uncle Chicken Rice. The chilli sauce was fresh and the sharp spiciness was well balanced with a nice tanginess.


The roughly grounded ginger has a mild (ginger type of) spiciness with a slight savouriness and flavour from the chopped scallions in the blend. I ate up all the 5(?) small dishes of ground ginger neat after we stayed on to chat (after finishing all the chicken and rice).


Regular Lo Ding set (SGD4) with extra drumstick (additional SGD3.50)

Niven has added this Hong Kong style Lo Ding 撈丁 to Uncle Chicken Rice's menu. This is a first in Singapore and Uncle Chicken Rice is the only stall/ restaurant offering this in Singapore at the moment.

It's a bed of popular 出前一丁 instant noodles cooked soft al dente and topped with chicken poached in soy sauce, a "lava" egg, slices of fried luncheon meat and some crunchy fresh greens. The dish is doused with a savoury sweet watery sauce and eaten with Niven's signature ginger dip.

Lo Ding is interesting and a likable alternative to the traditional chicken and rice.


Niven said that the Lou Ding 撈丁 set is popular with ladies and younger customers.


Uncle Chicken Rice is located at the upper level of Bedok Market Place in Simpang Bedok.


The food centre at Bedok Market Place has a good mix of traditional hawker fare plus international food stalls. It is clean, spacious and breezy, especially in the evening. Looks like a good place to hang out.

Date visited: 25 Jun 2015

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  1. Niven kept a special blend of the chilli sauce just for his regular customers and this really kick ass. You may try your luck and ask for it in your next visit.

  2. His brother reopen Sin Kee Chicken Rice at Blk 40 Holland Drive

    1. Yes yes shall visit him at the first opportunity :-D thank you.


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