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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Sentosa Mee Hoon Kueh in Taman Molek JB 大豐麵粉粿 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Checked in for late lunch at 大豐麵粉粿 Kedai Makanan Mee Hoon Kueh in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru. 大豐麵粉粿 started in 1986 as a push cart stall in Taman Sentosa. Thirty two years on, it is still one of the top mee hoon kueh shops in JB. I like 大豐麵粉粿's mee hoon kueh because it is staidly old school Hokkien.

大豐麵粉粿 doesn't have an English name. Its Malay name Kedai Makanan Mee Hoon Kueh literally means Mee Hoon Kueh Restaurant. Translating 大豐麵粉粿 literally, it would be Taman Sentosa Mee Hoon Kueh. (This is the English name I will use for this post.)

Founded in Taman Sentosa as a street side stall, 大豐麵粉粿 used to have two locations - one shop at Jalan Sutera (Taman Sentosa) and the other at Jalan Molek 2/2 (Taman Molek). Founder Mdm Tan runs the Molek shop while her daughter ran the Sentosa shop. (The Sentosa shop has closed.)

大豐麵粉粿 is basically furnished, typical of Malaysian shop lot eateries. But, it is air conditioned and very well kept - everything was neat and fastidiously clean inside. The shop is family friendly.

大豐麵粉粿 serves mee hoon kueh in soup, "dry" versions and also in curry.

For this first visit to the Molek outlet, I opted for the soup version for tasting (RM7.50 for large serving). I added more sayur manis (for RM1.50) as I love this leafy green vegetable.

I like to drop a raw egg in my mee hoon kueh but abstained this time as I wanted to know how the clear soup tastes. (Next trip, I want to try their curry mee hoon kueh.)

This plain looking soup was excellent - it was well infused with savouriness with a bit of underlying sweetness. The boss Mdm Tan told me that the soup was made simply by boiling lots of dried anchovies, so it is savoury yet clean tasting and non greasy. I finished it to the last drop and felt no MSG thirst at all.

Oh... I love 大豐麵粉粿's freshly kneaded mee hoon kueh (dough made with flour, water and oil). It's handed kneaded so it was unevenly thick. It was hand torn, so they come in different shapes though about the same size. Each piece was different with subtle differences in texture between them which made eating them more interesting. Biting into the squeaky texture mee hoon kueh releases flavours and aroma of freshly kneaded dough.

For me, only sayur manis vegetable will do for mee hoon kueh (no chai sim nonsense which throws the traditional MHK taste profile off balance).

I like the squeaky fibrous texture and green taste of fresh sayur manis leaves.

Just add RM1.50, and they will pile a generous heap of those wonderful green leaves into the bowl. It's like a bowl of sayur manis soup - ask for it always 😄 (By the time I took this picture, I drank some of the soup and eaten most of the sayur manis.)

The bowl of mee hoon kueh was garnished with small pieces of mushroom, chicken, pork, pork balls and fried anchovies. These simple ingredients were of good quality and all added their own textures and flavours to make dish more tasty.

The spicy hot sting of cut fresh chili padi makes the excellent mee hoon kueh tastes even better.

4-Star (out of 5). 大豐麵粉粿 is a mee hoon kueh stalwart of JB - it is a favourite of locals and I love it too. Still staidly faithful to the traditional processes and recipe, 大豐麵粉粿's mee hoon kueh tastes so perfectly old school and comforting.

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Restaurant name: 大豐麵粉粿 Kedai Makanan Mee Hoon Kueh
Address: 4, Jalan Molek 2/2, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
GPS1°31'39.9"N 103°47'31.3"E | 1.527757, 103.792038
Hours: 10:30am - 9:00pm (Monday off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 8 Aug 2018

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