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Traditional Hand Made Fish Ball Noodle in Johor Bahru JB @ 老黄自制番薯鱼圆面 JK1660


Stumbled upon a nice, simple hand made fish ball noodle stall at Jalan Kilang Nenas this morning.

新山八里半刚开不久的老黄自制番薯鱼圆面, 我吃了觉得好吃. 老板用新鲜番薯鱼做的鱼丸, 弹牙香甜. 大骨跟鱼骨熬的汤也很好喝. 朋友们不妨试试. 可能也会喜欢. Lee 黄梨场附近.


老黄自制番薯鱼圆面 hand made fish ball noodles is an inconspicuous little stall in a row of coffee shops and food stalls along Jalan Kilang Nenas near Lee Pineapple factory. It's a popular local haunt "hidden away" behind Sutera Mall.


We started off with a "dry" noodle set which come with a small bowl of fish ball soup.


The egg noodles were done soft al dente - I like the texture. The noodles were simply topped with boiled minced pork and served with a soya sauce and fried shallot infused oil blend.

The noodles were likeable especially for people who prefer their sauce mild and on the sweeter side. As for me, I like my noodles more robustly savoury and spicy. Best if there is lard 😝


The plate of "dry" noodle comes with a small bowl of soup and 4 fish balls. One bite of the fish ball and one spoonful of soup, and we quickly followed up with an additional order of fish ball soup.


For RM6, we get 9 fish balls swimming in a bowl of soup.


The hand made fish balls have a nice bounce and fresh fish sweetness. I love them. The stall owner Mr Wong cuts the flesh from fresh Yellowtail fish, beat the flesh into paste and squeeze out the fish balls by hand - the old way.

Hand-Made-Fish-Ball-Noodle-Johor-Bahru-JB-@ 老黄自制番薯鱼圆面

I like it that 老黄's fish balls are made from fresh fish and not from paste bought from suppliers in bags. No shortcuts.


I love the soup at 老黄. It's obvious why when I saw what's in the pot - pork socket bones, fish bones, soya beans etc. Real ingredients giving the broth layers of natural sweetness. Delicious and very drinkable.


Stall owner Mr Wong had been working in Singapore restaurants like Ka Soh for over 20 years before striking out on his own 1 year ago.


👍 If you are in the Sutera area, you may wish to check out this new fish ball noodle stall. I love 老黄's fishball. The fishballs are authentic, simple and nice - hand made from scratch.

Restaurant name老黄自制番薯鱼圆面
Address: Jalan Kilang Nenas, Johor Bahru (near Lee's Pineapple factory)
GPS: 1.524052, 103.672250 / 1°31'26.6"N 103°40'20.1"E
Hours: 6:00am to 1:00pm (Closed on alternate Thurs & Fri)

Non Halal

Date: 27 Jul 2016

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