Sunday, 7 August 2016

Home Based Durian Stall in Johor Bahru 新山住家卖榴莲 JK1703


Once the heavy rains lighten up to a drizzle this morning, we resumed hunting for Pokemon durians in JB. We got this Pikachu 😄

☞ Reminder - I am checking out randomly the durian stalls I stumble upon during this season and reporting exactly what happened at each stall so readers know what to expect. I am no durian expert 😄


Today's durian hangout is a home based shop in Taman Desa Cemerlang, Ulu Tiram (10 minutes drive northeast of Jusco Tebrau mall). The durian lorry was parked right outside the house. We were buying the durians right off the lorry and eating them inside the house's compound.

Address: 16, Jalan Ara 3, Taman Desa Cemerlang, Ulu Tiram, Johor
GPS1.563123, 103.811557 / 1°33'47.2"N 103°48'41.6"E
Hours: 10:30am till sold out around 2:00pm


☞Tables and chairs available. Water for hand washing provided. There were many locals and regulars here this morning. The floor was still wet from the morning's downpour.


🚙Limited street side parking.


D13 durian at RM18 per kilo. Our two D13s for RM39.


Fresh with just the right moistness and creaminess. Sweet bitter flavour with slightly more sweetness.


Seeds from our two D13 durians. Big and round. But at RM18 per kilo, and the flavour we got, we felt this was good value for money.

Oh.... how we love our durians 😋


Mao Shan Wang at RM50 per kilo. Our MSW costed RM90.


Fresh, moist and creamy. More intense bitter sweetness than the D13, but just slightly. More bitter than sweet, which is the way we like it. Taste better than the D13 but costs a lot more (nearly 3 times more).


Seeds from our Mao Shan Wang. Some big and round, some flat. There was even a small seed.

Mao Shan Wang durians are getting predictable for us this season. Next time, we shall take our chances and have more fun with less costly cultivars 😄


They also have D101 durians here at RM15 per kilo.

How not to be sold a fake Mao Shan Wang / Musang King

Date visited: 7 Aug 2016

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  1. hi,appreciate your post on promoting nice durian.but i heard the overwhelming post for this durian stall online cause incomvenient to the seller.may you consider not to continue this post?much appreciate your consideration:)

    1. Dear Sir/Mdm, thank you for your comment. Sincerely apologise for the trouble caused. May I humbly suggest we observe the situation one or two more days and come up with a solution if the situation does not improve. Maybe you can also private message me on my Facebook or email on the nature of the problem. For example, if it is parking, I could advise readers about it. Thank you and wish you the best.


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