Friday, 5 August 2016

Warong Zarahman Nasi Biryani in Masai Johor JK1669


We had an early lunch today at Warung Zarahman in Taman Rinting, Masai, JB for their weekly nasi biryani which is available only on Fridays.


Warung Zarahman is popular with JB folk for their mee rebus and nasi lemak, and on Fridays, people gather here for their once a week nasi biryani.


Available on Fridays from 11:00am, Warung Zarahman's nasi biryani is usually sold out within a couple of hours.


We got these two plates of nasi biryani, one with chicken and another with lamb - altogether RM17.80 with two teh tarik. The nasi biryani comes with crunchy acar timun (pickled cucumber), dalca curry and sambal chili.


The long grain basmati rice were light and fluffy though wetter and softer than I like. The rice, infused with spices was mildly savoury sweet. The splash of curry and dollop of sambal chili gave the plate of rice a slight spicy taste. I like it that the biryani rice was not overly greasy.


There was a good size chunk of meaty mutton with bone on buried in the mound of flavoursome basmati rice. The meat was slightly firm, moist and the spice flavour was mild. Not much lamb gaminess, which is good news for many people though personally I like the natural taste of mutton.


Large piece of chicken breast under the rice. The white breast meat was a little stiff, dry and had a slight chicken taste. (There is the option of leg, if you like your chicken softer and more juicy.)


👍A tasty, good value for money street side nasi biryani. Do swing over if you are around the Masai, Johor area at Friday lunch.

🙏Please recommend your favourite nasi biryani in Johor and Singapore. It's one of my favourite dishes.


Restaurant name: Warung Zarahman 
Address: Junction of Jalan Masai Lama and Jalan Berkek, Taman Rinting, Masai, Johor (just beside the Petron station)
GPS: 1.486812, 103.886516 / 1°29'12.5"N 103°53'11.5"E 
Hours: Mon - Sat 6:00am to 11:00pm | Sun 6:00am to 11:00am  


Date visited: 8 May 2015, 5 Aug 2016

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  1. yo brother, that place is not in Taman Rinting lar. It is located in Bandar Masai.

    1. okok bro masaiboy. my mistake. amended. thank you for pointing out :-D


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