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Singapore National Team at Culinary Olympics 2016 Erfurt, Germany JK1826


Men's 100 metre butterfly Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling has shown the world what Singaporeans can be at the Rio Olympics 2016. Now, the torch is passed to the Singapore National Culinary Team to again do Singapore proud at the Culinary Olympics 2016 in Erfurt, Germany.

Founded in 1896, the Culinary Olympics is similar to the traditional Olympic Games, which brings together the best athletes from around the world. Held every four years in the same year as the Olympic Games, the world's best chefs gather in Erfurt, Germany, to compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in various events. This year's Culinary Olympics will be held from 21 - 26 Oct 2016 involving over 2000 chefs from 40 countries.


Proudly presenting the Singapore National Culinary Team for the Culinary Olympics 2016 in Erfurt, Germany.

Tay Thiam Meng (Louis) | Team Manager | Executive Chef, Swissotel Merchant Court

Teo Yeow Siang | Team Captain | Executive Chef, Lavish Dine 

Wong Kok Keong (Alan) | Core Member | Chef De Cuisine, Lavish Dine 

Fang Rui Long (Triston) | Core Member | Sous Chef, Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora - RWS 

Lim Wei Ming (Roy) | Core Member | Jr Sous Chef, Unilever Food Solution

Chong Chi Hiung (Alex) | Core Member | Asst. Pastry ChefRegent Hotel.


Since 1986, successive Singapore teams have earned the respect of international peers in the global culinary community. The teams groomed and mentored by the Singapore Chefs Association, have proudly brought home almost 40 trophies, mostly Gold and Silver medals.


The Singapore National Culinary Team members are all volunteers. All are chefs with competition experience, but the Singapore Chefs Association's selection board also looked for vital success qualities like integrity, passion, and creativity. The aim is to form a talented and cohesive team which is disciplined, team minded, open minded and generous in helping all team mates grow.


It is the proud tradition of the Singapore Chefs Association to have a group of dedicated chef mentors and coaches support, advice and assist our Culinary Olympics team from start to finish. Among them are Team Manager Chef Louis Tay and Chef Eric Teo, both of whom are veterans with many victorious international campaigns under their belt.


I was privileged to be invited to taste the 3-course meal created by the Singapore National Culinary Team in preparation for the Culinary Olympics 2016.

The 3 courses for the competition consists of a cold appetiser, a hot main course and a dessert.

Due to confidentiality reasons, I cannot share here the pictures and descriptions of the 3 competition courses yet. All I can say is WOW! - it was one delightful mouthwatering surprise after another till the end of the 3 course presentation. The dishes were all creative in concept and design, use of ingredients and technique, expertly executed and exquisitely presented. This is one of the highlights of my 5 years of blogging and I am grateful to be given the privilege.


May I take this opportunity to wish the Singapore National Team led by Team Captain Chef Teo Yeow Siang the best of success at Culinary Olympics 2016. 

Show the world what Singapore can do.

Date: 19 Aug 2016

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