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Cambodian Food in Singapore at 51 F & B in Geylang


Thanks to buddy YJ, I got my first taste of Cambodian cuisine - and, it was in Singapore. I have never been to Cambodia before. As far as I know, 51 F & B Cambodian Deluxe in Geylang is the only eatery in Singapore serving Cambodian food (cooked by a Cambodian).


51 F & B Cambodian Deluxe is a corner coffee shop located at the junction of Lor 12 Geylang and Guillemard Road. Geylang, of course, is one of the most colourful places in Singapore and also a food haven because of the diversity here. It's one of the most interesting, gritty places in Singapore for the adventurous and inquisitive to explore.


Amy who hails from Cambodia came to the sunny island with Peter, her Singaporean husband. Back in Cambodia, Amy's family is in the food catering business. From her kitchen at 51 F & B, Amy whips up Cambodian home style dishes. It's worth a try if you like to stretch your culinary horizon, while in Singapore.

(Amy, who is Teochew, is born and raised in Cambodia so I assume that her Cambodian dishes will have a Chinese influence. I have never been to Cambodia before and this was my first taste of Cambodian food. This is just the first step in my journey to find out more about Cambodian cuisine.)


Known as loc lac Khmer, it is tender beef slices stir fried in a savoury stock and drippy fish sauce blend with lots of onion, garlic etc. Garnished with fresh cilantro before serving. I enjoyed the beefiness of the tender beef.


Fresh chicken stir fried in a pastey robustly savoury sauce.


Cambodian Fried Fish (white-spotted Rabbitfish).

It's a crisp fried fish smothered in a colourful blanket of stir fried fresh diced onion, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onion etc with fish sauce blend.


Love this savoury sweet sourish dish.


Ikan Merah (red snapper) fish head chunks boiled in pork bone stock thickened with evaporated milk. The pot is choked full of sticks of yam, preserved vegetables, tomatoes, dried seaweed, fresh cilantro etc.

I like the fresh fish and yam, though sweet evaporated milk thickened stock is not really my cup of tea soup.


Chicken wings marinated in a savoury sauce and fried to a crisp outside while keeping the inside moist and sweet - always works 😄 

Perfect beer food.


Cambodian style chicken rice.


Quite thin slices of chicken breast fillet marinated in a savoury sauce, and pan fried till dark golden brown. It tastes savoury sweet and felt slightly stiff though still tender.

The plain white rice is dressed with an aromatic sauce of garlic, ginger and chives in fish sauce which is savoury sweet with a subtle tang.

This one plate dish is good for a quick meal.


The raw mango salad is dressed with lots of crushed peanuts and chili flakes. Very spicy . There were raw long beans and cherry tomatoes in the heap.

This was my first taste of Cambodian food. Now, I am inspired to go to Cambodia to learn more about Cambodian cuisine and give you a more detailed description in the future.

Please share your views on these Cambodian dishes in the comments.

Thank you Peter for your hospitality.


Restaurant name51 F & B Cambodian Deluxe
Address51 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399705
GPS1°18'34.8"N 103°52'43.0"E 1.309677, 103.878613
Tel+65 8322 8329
Hours: 6:00am to 2:00am

Non Halal

Date visited: 26 Jul 2017

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  1. OMG this is my aunt!! Thank you for your support and I hope you will help to spread the word of how delicious the food cooked by aunt are!! Thank you so much!!!


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