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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Laksa Johor at Selera Johor at Plaza Larkin


Whenever I am asked to name foods that represent Johor, I always include Laksa Johor in my list. Yet, a good laksa Johor is very hard to find at hawker stalls in JB. I am glad that today, I tasted a good one at Selera Johor at Plaza Larkin.


You see.., Laksa Johor stock requires lots of different vegetables and spices as well as Ikan Parang. The fresh ingredients take lots of effort to assemble and prepare, not to mention they are rather costly. So, the best Johor Laksa are found only in Johor homes during special occasions like Hari Raya and at kenduris. Good ones are rarely found at hawker stalls as margins are very low (without selling at high prices).

So when anak Johor Mohd Najib told me he gets his Laksa Johor fix from the stall at Selera Johor at Plaza Larkin, I wasted no time in getting there 😄


Selera Johor is a clean and comfortable food court at Plaza Larkin in JB. There are many food stalls here serving local favourites like mee rebus, kacang pool, nasi campur, nasi lemak beluark, nasi kukus, goreng pisang, and of course, Laksa Johor.


RM5 bowl of Laksa Johor.

The spaghetti and garnish like julienned cucumber, bean sprouts, daun kesum and onion were blanketed by a pasty stock of ground fish, dried prawns, vegetables and spices etc held together by coconut milk.


Fold and toss the spaghetti, thick heavy stock and crunchy garnish together.


Yes, one of the signatures of Laksa Johor is the use of spaghetti instead of the usual yellow noodles or bee hoon (rice vermicelli).

The spaghetti is done soft, very soft (not al dente). But, it works well with the thick, heavy, grainy, pasty laksa stock.

The stock is a delicate balance of a complex blend of mild savoury, tangy, sweet, and spicy flavours. It's hard to describe, so you have to try it for yourself.

I like it.


👉 If you are visiting Johor, please try Laksa Johor if you have the chance. It's a dish you cannot find anywhere else in Malaysia or the world. Like it or not, at least you know what it is after tasting. Personally, I like it and the Laksa Johor stall at Selera Johor at Plaza Larkin serves a good one.

A short story on the origins of Laksa Johor 👈 click


Restaurant name: Kedai Laksa Johor
Address: Selera Johor (next to Plaza Larkin), Jalan Garuda, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.497875,103.743231 
Hours: Daily 8:00am to 7:00pm 


Date visited: 30 Aug 2017

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  1. The best Laksa johor I've had so far.. Tq for sharing


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