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Best Wanton Mee in Johor List. Wei Seng Wan Tan Mee 唯昇雲吞麵


When I blogged about Tow Kee of Seremban which to me is the benchmark of Hakka mee in Malaysia, buddy Yvonne alerted me to Wei Seng Wan Tan Mee in Taman Melodies. It's her Hakka hubby's favourite in JB, Yvonne said.


As I love Hakka noodles, I went to Wei Seng for brunch this morning - their Hakka mee is delicious! Thank you Yvonne for the tip off 😄


Sitting here enjoying my Hakka mee in a well kept shop, and seeing that most of the customers are regulars, I wondered why such lovingly tended shops get little mention in social media. I guess in this age of trendy "Instagrammable" food and viral social media marketing, such humble comfort food still travels mainly the old fashioned way, through word of mouth among friends.


Wei Seng doesn't have the thick and flat Hakka noodles, just skinny angel hair noodles and mee pok 面薄 (flat ribbon noodles).

The RM7 bowl of noodles come topped with fried minced pork, a few fried wanton and one fried yong taufu.

They were all good. The fried wanton was crispy outside and the knob of tasty minced pork inside was tender and juicy. The yong taufu was stuffed with savoury sweet minced pork flavoured with salted fish inside. The Hakka style fried minced pork was savoury sweet.


But, the best thing about Wei Seng's Hakka mee is their house made egg noodles, even though it is not the traditional thick and flat type.

Wei Seng's egg noodles have a lovely tender spring to the bite. The whole egg noodles are made with a blend of chicken and duck eggs, and wheat flour. (I underlined duck eggs which give the noodles another layer of flavour and a firmer spring 😄 )

The Hakka style sauce is a blend of lard, aromatic oil 香油 and juices from the savoury sweet fried minced pork. Not as intense as Tow Kee of Seremban but the mild layered savoury flavours at Wei Seng is also very likeable. Wei Seng also have less sauce in their noodles - I wish they have as much sauce as Tow Kee for me to thoroughly wet my noodles in 😋


While eating my Hakka mee with skinny noodles, I noticed that most customers have their Hakka mee with mee pok. Speaking with the manageress Mdm Chua, she confirmed that that is their best seller 😄

So, I decided to try their mee pok as well but as wanton mee.


Woohooo... the mee pok was good - tender, lively and springy. And, the best part is, it is paired with a nice savoury spicy sauce. Lard, aromatic oil and house made chili sauce. The chili sauce have a nice mild sting that lingers pleasantly in the mouth even after I got into the car. Nice.

Those char siew are not the KL style crystal char siew type, but they were tender and tasty - pretty good too. They don't fight with the egg noodles for the starring role in the bowl 😄


The old style wantons and pork bone soup are the simple no frills, no gimmicks type. Delicious.


4-Star (out of 5). I came here for a good Hakka mee, and got it. I also got a wanton mee which I can add to my list of top wanton mee in JB. I need to come back for Wei Seng's claim to fame, their Hakka mee with mee pok.


Restaurant name: Wei Seng Wan Tan Mee 唯昇雲吞麵
Address: 19, Jalan Geronggang, Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru
GPS:  1°29'28.4"N 103°45'47.2"E | 1.491223, 103.763115
Tel: 012 777 1575
Hours: 7:30am to 3:00pm (Weds off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 8 Aug 2017

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  1. this is their new shop... they were opposite the prawn mee


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