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Chinatown Fried Rice 🥢 One mouthful.... and boomz


This humble fried rice stall is a hidden gem in Chinatown Complex Food Centre. Doesn't look like much but the fried rice is flavour packed, aromatic and has that coveted wok hei.

Stall name: Chinatown Fried Rice (formerly Chinatown Special Yang Chow Fried Rice)

Address: Stall #02-010, 335 Smith Street, Singapore 050335 (Chinatown Complex Food Centre)

Hours: 10:00am - 1:00pm (unspecified off days but weekends and public holidays definitely closed 😅 )


I already had my lunch of beef brisket noodles at Chinatown Complex Food Centre when buddy asked me to give this box of fried rice a try 

"Just try one spoon lah.... ."


One spoonful.... and boomz.

I was quite blown away by the burst of savoury eggy sweet flavours with wok hei from the fried rice.


There's also umami from dried shrimp floss, sharp savoury spicy heat from the sambal chili, and savoury toasty flavours from the crisp fried anchovies.


The box of fried rice was half empty by the time I reluctantly returned the box to buddy 😛 🙏

I couldn't resist the flavours from the toasty rice, egg, shrimp, a bit of diced luncheon meat, chopped scallion. The fried rice grains felt soft, light and even fluffy without much grease.

Would have been perfect if they use better quality rice and had some diced char siew to add another sweet layer and a tender-squeaky bite to the dish.

Nonetheless, this fried rice is already quite mind blowing as it is. I am quite amazed by how stall holder Eddi Sow managed to tease out / conjure up so much flavour from just humble ingredients. (Eddi who doesn't look in his 70s, started selling fried rice in People's Park Complex in 1986.)


Anyway, I said this stall is a hidden gem because when I went to look for the stall, I walked the area for three rounds and couldn't find it. Its signboard is so confusing even though it sells only one dish i.e. fried rice. Look for stall #02-010 in the yellow zone.

It is on the same row and two stalls from Old Amoy Chendol.

Pro tip: Eddi's regulars call this number for bulk orders 📞 8186 5454.

Written by Tony Boey on 23 Feb 2021


  1. Is this the same stall as Chinatown Special?

  2. I tarpaued the fried rice in the morning and heated it up for dinner. It tasted very ordinary, think it's better to have it there on-the-spot.


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