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Albert Centre Market & Food Centre @ Bugis > ๐Ÿ’ฏ Hawker Stalls Johor Kaki Pick the Most Popular for You


When I need to go to Sim Lim Tower for computer or camera gear, Albert Centre food centre is one of the options for a good hawker breakfast or lunch. Albert Centre is a popular choice for folks who come to the Bugis - Rochor area for shopping. The food centre is also a magnet for worshippers from the Kuan Im & Sri Krishnan temples, mosque and churches near by. The age profile of diners here tend to be older as the younger set understandably gravitate towards the trendy F & B concepts over at the Bugis side. There are some 100 food stalls at Albert Centre. These are some of the popular stalls.

Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

Address: 270 Queen Street, Singapore 180270

Nearest MRT: Between Bugis & Rochor stations

Top Popular Stalls


Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup stall #01-95 serve fresh sweet Ikan Batang (mackerel) slices in cleaning taste, delicately sweet savoury clear soup. Doesn't use lard or overload with shallot and garlic to lift flavours, this is one of the most basic forms of fish soup I've come across - but don't be fooled by its seeming simplicity. It delivers if you appreciate natural fresh fish flavours. One of three stalls with the longest queue at Albert Centre, this is a must stop for picky traditional Teochew fish soup lovers.


Hock Lee Fishball Noodle stall #01-102 is a must try if you are a fishball noodle fan or Teochew cuisine lover. They serve a most basic form of authentic fishball noodle which is just literally fishballs and noodles. The springy sweet fishballs are handmade and among the best in Singapore. The noodles are tenderly chewy and come with a robust lardy savoury spicy sauce. Usually Always sold out by 10am, the lunch crowd never have a chance to eat this ๐Ÿ˜‚


Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu stall #01-106 serve a re-invented style of yong tau foo rather different from the usual fish surimi paste stuffed vegetables at food courts. The ingredients are 1-bite size prawn ball, pork ball, fried tofu, fish roll, bitter gourd, etc., all preselected and comes in bee hoon (rice vermicelli) soup version only. They also serve a mean savoury juicy fried chicken wing which you should not miss, since you already queued so long for their yong tau foo ๐Ÿ˜„  This is Bai Nian's flagship stall which expanded to two units here and a few outlets around Singapore. (My take on their People's Park outlet and their Chai Chee outlet.)


Si Ma Lu Goreng Pisang stall #01-46 is the place to get a traditional light snack which you can walk about and eat as you go. Their fried banana fritter (goreng pisang) is a crispy golden brown capsule with a whole banana inside almost melted into a sweet custard by hot oil. They have other flavours like sweet potato, green bean, yam, durian, etc.

Other Popular Stalls


Guan Kee Fried Carrot Cake stall #01-59 serve both black and white cai tow kway. The white version is savoury and eggy with sweetness from the radish cake (which is factory supplied). The black version has a sweet layer from sweet soy sauce. Uncle serves a combo of black and white versions in a single serving, if you like. Both versions have a bit of caramelised sauce and starch which help explains Guan Kee's popularity. 


Good Taste Zhu Chao stall #01-63 is a bit nonchalant in service but their fried hor fun and rice dishes come with nice smokey toasty wok hei from the wok lashed by hot flaming tongues from the stove. Get their San Lor Hor Fun which is fried broad rice noodles with fish slices.


Zheng Xing Mei Shi stall #01-64 serve traditional local hot soupy sweet desserts like Tau Suan, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Bubur Terigu, and Green Bean Soup. Comforting and satisfying these sweet desserts have the magic to cheer me up and calm me down. Not overly sweet, so I am enjoying them even as I get on in age ๐Ÿ˜„


Li Fang Congee stall #01-78 serve the comforting Cantonese staple in various forms like the classic century egg & lean pork, mixed pork parts, pork liver slices, chicken slivers, sliced fish, etc. The congee is smooth nearly like a paste and tastes gently umami-savoury sweet. Comes with a crisp and chewy Chinese cruller (you char kway). They have gentrified versions with crayfish etc, if you are game for such things. (Li Fang Congee has outlets around the island, this is their parent stall.)


Bedok Chwee Kueh stall #01-79 is a franchisee of the parent stall at Bedok Interchange. I know right, these chwee kueh are made in a central kitchen but then chwee kueh is one of those dishes which is suitable for scaling and wide distribution without compromising quality. Anyway, these traditional steamed rice cakes are jiggly soft, gently rice-sweet and complemented by umami-savoury crunchy topping of stewed garlic, dried prawn, preserved turnip (chai poh) etc. Add a dab of sambal chili, if you like it hot.


Thong Kay Delights stall #01-97 serve comforting traditional pick-me-up brekky staples like chee cheong fun, yam cake, glutinous rice, pumpkin cake, and peanut congee. All dishes are house made except for the chee cheong fun but it is slathered with house made sauce. The queue tells you the delights here have the vote of local palates.


Loyang Way Big Prawn Noodles stall #01-108 is a franchisee of the famous parent stall in Loyang. It attracts a queue especially during peak hours. I have not tried the parent stall before so I can't compare. Overall, the prawn noodle is likeable - soup has umami-savouriness but I felt it was a little sweet and not punchy enough for my liking. The sauce didn't leave much impression though it comes with chili powder and lard. The prawns were fresh enough but I didn't like it that they were halved and with shell intact which made eating quite inconvenient without using hands.


Traditional Wanton Mee stall #01-118 is highly rated in the media but truth be told, I found neither their noodle, sauce, wantons nor soup very memorable. The noodles are alright with a bit of spring but the sauce was quite flat. I am not sure what is traditional in this WTM despite its name. You might want to check it out yourself and let us know how you found it. If you are a fan, share with us your opinion too, so I know what to look out for next time.


Siraj Famous Waterloo Street Indian Rojak stall #01-120. I can't remember how this compares with those at the old Waterloo Street (near the old St. Joseph Institution) but I like this better than those I tried at Tekka Market (supposedly ground zero of Indian cuisine in Singapore). The batter has more flavour and aroma. The spicy sweet potato sauce has more depth of flavour and more hot sting. But, serving this traditional fare in styrofoam plates / bowls and plastic utensils detracted much from the experience.


Pondok Makan Indonesia stall #01-123 is run by a team of makciks (Malay for aunties) who churn out homely delicious mee rebus, mee siam, lontong, gado gado, tauhu goreng, mee soto, satay etc., that compares well with the best in Singapore in each dish. A safe bet for a quick, light HALAL meal when you are in the area.

Couldn't find your favourite stall in the list? ๐Ÿค”

You have every right to be upset ๐Ÿ˜ค

Give me a chance to get it right. Let me know in the comments what I missed, and I promise you that I will go back to Albert Centre to visit your recommendation.

I may include it in this list. If not, at the very least, I will reply to you in the comments.

Thank you for helping me make this list better ๐Ÿ™

Written by Tony Boey on 8 Feb 2021


  1. There's also the Michelin Plate Ah Seng Bak Chor Mee.

    Is Tow Seng Wanton Mee still around? They're not bad. Other worthy mentions are Meng Hui Shu Shi (for satay beehoon) and Ser Seng Cooked Food (for braised pork - using the same braising sauce they used for wild boar meat in the old days. I like their chilli sauce).

    The Indian-style (sweetish and reddish gravy) mee siam at Siraj is also nice.

    1. Thank you. Ah Seng has moved, I don't know to where. Tow Seng I didn't see but shall look out for it next time. Shall check out the satay bee hoon stall and Ser Seng also. Didn't realise the Indian rojak stall has mee siam too. Shall also go for it. Appreciate much you suggestions :-)


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