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Braised Duck, Kong Bak & Ngoh Hiang Trotter by Quan Xiang Yuan Hokkien Restaurant ☎ 6294 6254 🥡 Day 2 Dabao


Today's dabao is from Quan Xiang Yuan which is one of Singapore's last traditional Hokkien restaurants. We had sea cucumber braised duck, ngoh hiang trotter and kong bak (stewed pork belly) all of which we ate with pillow soft steamed buns. Yummy! 😋 We are staying safe at home but our palates can still go on culinary adventures.

Restaurant name: Quan Xiang Yuan 泉馨园(清记)海鲜菜馆

Tel: 6294 6254

WhatsApp: 8266 6993


This is the braised sea cucumber, pork tendon and duck. It was delivered in a heavy duty, good quality plastic container. I like this as one of my pet peeves of dabao food is liquid and grease leaking everywhere. This box kept all the liquid in.


The box was chock full of thick, fat sea cucumber, pork tendon and mushrooms. They were all well braised, tender and fully infused with savoury flavour with subtle Chinese spice undertones. The flavours were well balanced.


At the heart of the dish is half a braised duck.


The braised duck was so soft-tender. It tasted slightly sweet inside while outside (especially the skin), it was well infused with savoury sauce and Chinese spice flavour. There was a little natural duck taste which I find very pleasant.


Kong Bak or braised pork belly.


The kong bak has interesting textures in layers - the meat was tender, fat juicy soft and skin soft with a slight tender chew. The little slab was well infused with savouriness and Chinese spice flavours as well as a subtle underlying fresh pork sweetness.


This dish is a gem! This is Ngoh Hiang Trotter or Fen Ti 五香粉蹄. Other than Quan Xiang Yuan, I know of no other restaurant in Singapore that still serve this traditional Hokkien dish.


Ngoh Hiang Trotter is a fascinating old Hokkien dish rarely seen in Singapore. It is made by hollowing out a whole trotter, removing the meat, fat and tendons. The trotter is left with the skin like a long glove.

The meat, fat and tendon are minced and seasoned with Chinese five spice and other spices. The bone is used to make stock.

The seasoned minced pork is stuffed back into the long glove and then cooked by steaming. Traditionally, it is brushed with red colouring (the same type used to make char siew).


Oh my.... this Ngoh Hiang Trotter is so good. The filling is soft-tender, savoury sweet. The pig skin is tender-crunchy chewy. In the mouth, it is full of flavour and an interesting mix of textures.


The braised duck, kong bak and ngoh hiang trotter are good with plain white rice or steamed buns. This time we opted for steamed buns.


Everything tasted so good in the fluffy pillowy soft sweet buns!

Ah... so blessed. We can stay safe at home and still pamper our palates with culinary delights.


🚘 Delivery charges for weekdays as follows :  

Within 1km radius of restaurant there will be no minimum order requirements but subject to S$3 delivery fees per trip. 

Between 1km to 3km radius of restaurant there will be a minimum of S$20 per food order & S$3 delivery fees per trip. 

Beyond 3km radius of restaurant there will be a minimum of S$60 per food order & S$10 delivery fees per trip. 

📢 FREE delivery on Weekends is subject to pre-order at least one day in-advance with a minimum of S$80 per order.  

📢 You may also call in to place your order at +65 6294 6254.  

Prices stated are before GST, and will be included in the total bill with Delivery Fee ( if applicable).  

✅ Payment via PayNow to +65 8266 6993

When life returns to normal, we can visit Quan Xiang Yuan at their restaurant at Jalan Besar 👈 click

Written by Tony Boey on 17 May 2021 | Day 2 of Singapore Phase 2 Heightened Alert to curb Covid-19 spread.

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