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Meng Kee Fried Kway Teow @ Havelock Food Centre. Popular with People who Like CKT Sweet


Meng Kee Fried Kway Teow is a popular char kway teow with many loyal fans who swear by it for its wok hei and robust sweet-savoury flavours.

Stall name: Meng Kee Fried Kway Teow

Address: 22A Havelock Road, stall #01-07, Singapore 161022 (Havelock Road Food Centre)

Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm (Sun off)


Today was my second time tasting Meng Kee's char kway teow.


I got the smallest serving of $3 as this was just the start of my day of hawker stalking at Havelock Road Food Centre. 


This time was consistent with the first time I tasted Meng Kee, some six months ago. By Singapore char kway teow norms, Meng Kee's CKT is relatively dry. The kway teow and yellow noodles were very well greased with lard and dark soy sauce. The noodles were not as broken up as most other char kway teow places. There was a nice aroma of caramelised sauce rising from the plate of char kway teow.


The kway teow were soft but the yellow noodles had a bit of spongy chew. Quite an interesting blend of textures. Meng Kee's char kway teow tastes sweet, savoury-salty, spicy (I asked for chili sauce - ai hiam). The sweetness was pronounced. The taste and aroma of fried garlic was not prominent (its absence felt). If you define wok hei as caramelised sauce, it was there. However, the sauce flavour was on the surface of the noodles and was not infused into the core of the strands.

The bean sprouts were done right, retaining its juices, crunch and freshness.


The lup cheong (Cantonese wax sausage) weren't fried enough to drive out its aromatic oil which would have added its savoury flavour into the noodles.


I was pleasantly surprised by the size and number of blood cockles in a $3 serving. I asked for them to be fully cooked - they were crunchy and juicy, fresh and tasted good.

No fish cake slices, no choy sum greens, but most crucially no bak pok (lard croutons) in my plate 🤔


Okay... my personal favourite CKT in Singapore is still Hai Kee in Telok Blangah 👈 click


The most popular stall at Havelock Road Food Centre is Meng Kee's immediate neighbour, Covent Garden Kway Chap run by the oldest hawker in Singapore 👈 click

Written by Tony Boey on 4 May 2021

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