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51 Kovan Ming Fa Wanton Mee · Fulfilling A Promise 明發雲吞面


There are 3 or 4 wanton mee stalls at 209 Kovan hawker centre - the top two popular stalls are 51 Ming Fa WTM and Yi Shi Jia WTM. Maybe it was my luck - when I am in Kovan, 51 Ming Fa was always closed. So, I only blogged about Yi Shi Jia last year.


Ben How commented on Facebook that I must have taken money 💰 to blog about Yi Shi Jia WTM but not Ming Fa 🤦 
哎哟,冤枉啊大人 😔  Aiyoh, I am innocent 😓 I promised Ben How that I will visit Ming Fa and post my review.

51 Ming Fa wanton mee continued to be elusive until I finally caught them opened this morning (nearly one year later).

Stall name: 51 Kovan Market Ming Fa Wanton Egg Noodle 明發雲吞面

Address: 209 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530209 (stall #01-64 inside 209 Kovan Market & Food Centre)

Nearest MRT: Kovan station

Hours: 7:00am - 1:00pm (Mon & Tues) hours may change


There was a constant queue at 51 Ming Fa the whole time I was in 209 Kovan this morning. Ming Fa is clearly very popular and the stall was enthusiastically promoted by celebrities in mainstream media.


They have the classic and a special known as 5 Tastes Noodles 五味麵. The 5 Tastes has shredded chicken, stewed mushroom, char siew, prawns, and wantons. The 5 Tastes is unique to Ming Fa. However, since this was my first time at Ming Fa, I opted for the classic.


The $4 serving, minimum


The thick sambal type sauce looks like Ming Fa's secret weapon.


The noodles were the lighter, slightly crinkly type (I prefer denser, heavier noodles). After a toss, the noodles were enveloped in the savoury spicy sambal type sauce and lard. Though not too sharp, the sambal packed a spicy kick. The noodles were done a little soft with not much crunch or spring to the bite. The fabled eggy taste was not discernible.

Ming Fa's sambal sauce reminded me of Soon Kee at Pek Kio hawker centre. Overall, my money goes to Soon Kee because I prefer their thicker, firmer noodles.


The char siew was the lean, dry type, tender and tasted sweet savoury. 

The soup was sweet and had a miso type savouriness. The wantons were bulk precooked, skin was relatively thick, so they had a slight lumpiness and stiffness outside. Flavour wise, the wantons were nice wth old school savoury sweetness and sesame oil taste. 


Finally, mission accomplished and promise fulfilled.

My post last year on Yi Shi Jia wanton mee 👈 click

Written by Tony Boey on 1 Apr 2022


  1. Allan Teo said on Johor Kaki Facebook:

    "There is a branch at #89 Circuit road.. Same Sign... I have tried this before and my opinion is simply.
    1. Only the Sauce is very tasty.
    2. The noodles are good.
    The rest of the items , like the char siew, varies in quality.."

  2. some respect lah, if not at least some gratitude....accusing bloggers as and when they simply feel like it. Did 51 Ming Fa pay him too to promote their wtm ? just wondering.


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