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Review of Prachak Roasted Duck ● Century Old Gem in Bangkok Silom Bang Rak

We went to look for breakfast / brunch along Charoen Krung Road before hopping on the free boat shuttle to Iconsiam from the Saphan Taksin pier.

Restaurant name: Prachak Roasted Duck 新记

Address: 1415 Charoen Krung Road, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Saphan Taksin BTS station

Tel: +66 2234 3755

Hours: 8:30am - 8:30pm

Charoen Krung Road is a foodie haven with several popular old shops serving delicious, affordable heritage food. It is the oldest paved road in Bangkok. (I need to come back to comb Charoen Krung Road thoroughly for heritage food.)

Prachak Roasted Duck founded in 1909 over a century ago started as a push cart stall plying the streets, alleyways and market near today's shop (opposite Robinson Department Store). The Chinese name of Prachak Roasted Duck is Sin Kee 新记.

Prachak Roasted Duck has the trinity of roast duck, roast pork (belly) and char siew with noodle or rice.

There are two air conditioned levels inside. Furnishings and decor are spartan but no one comes to Prachak Roasted Duck for Instagram props.

Th menu has pictures and English descriptions with prices clearly stated. So ordering is as easy as pointing and shooting.

We ordered only one plate of wanton noodle with roast duck to share as we wanted to hit as many shops as possible this morning.

The slender wanton noodles were tender with a slight crunch to the bite. After tossing, they were well greased and coated with a savoury sauce blend of soy sauce and tau cheo (fermented soy bean sauce). We enjoyed it.

The roast duck was soft tender, both the meat and skin. They were well infused with savoury flavours from the marination. The taste and smell of tau cheo was quite pronounced. I like it.

The noodles came with a couple of wantons.

The good size, tender pork wantons were meaty and nicely savoury sweet.

There's a caddy of sugar and various chili condiments. We didn't use them as we like the original roast duck taste and the sauce that came with the noodles.

At Prachak Roasted Duck, the noodles or rice don't come with soup and it has to be purchased separately for a nominal fee. Next time, I shall order a wanton soup (which is one of the shop's best sellers).

We need to come back for their siew yok (roast pork belly), char siew and more roast duck!

Written by Tony Boey on 24 Mar 2023

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