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Review of Sharon Auntie Foochow Maternity Dishes @ Six Star Food Court in Mount Austin 雪人阿姨 星美食中心

Bumped into Sharon who runs a little stall in Six Star Food Court in Mount Austin. I was having beef noodles at the Tangkak beef noodle stall and so had to come back another day to try her Foochow style maternity dishes.

Stall name: 雪人阿姨

Address: 69, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/1, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru 六星美食中心

Tel: +6011 1148 8641


Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm (no fixed off day. Call to confirm.)

Sharon hails from Yong Peng which is Johor's "Little Foochow". She worked in Singapore for a maternity dish caterer for ten years before returning to Johor to run her own maternity dish stall with her sister. She delivers and also serve dishes at her stall at Six Star Food Court.

I was eager to try Sharon's dishes and so came back with a party of seven 😬

First up was the classic Fuzhou braised noodle 福州卤面. It was thick fat Fuzhou noodles stewed with pork, prawn, mushroom, etc in dark savoury soy sauce.

We all love the tender soft chewy bite of the noodles and the mild savoury flavour of the sauce enveloping the noodles.


Next was Fuzhou Egg Stew 福州蛋花羹. We also love this.

In the thick stew, there was finely ground pork, tofu, beaten egg, mushroom, a little tung hoon (mung bean "glass" vermicelli) and soy sauce blend.

It had a nice savoury sweet taste and we can tune it with tangy black vinegar and a dash of pepper. Nice. I imagine it would be perfect with plain white rice 

This is a classic Chinese medicinal herb dish 杜仲补腰强腎药膳 for strengthening the kidneys. Strong herbal taste moderated by soy sauce and sweetness from chicken but herbal flavour was dominant.

Looked like a dozen different herbs inside - good for your kidneys, this is really eating medicine 😁

Another signature Fuzhou dish - red yeast rice wine chicken noodle 红槽酒鸡腿面线.

The thick soup had that familiar sourish sweet taste of red yeast rice wine. The Fuzhou mee suah (noodles) were tender with a gentle crunchiness to the bite. Chicken, egg and mushroom added a bit of their flavours to the dish.

Perfect tasty one dish meal on a work day.

Our last dish was something special which needs pre-ordering.

It was fried pork roll wrapped in pork caul fat (net lard) 猪油网肉卷.

The pork filling was finely ground and tightly packed. Not much added flavouring or seasoning was used, so we can taste the natural sweetness of the fresh pork. I like it this way.

The meat was wrapped in thin tofu skin and then wrapped again in pork caul fat (net lard). Fried to a golden brown crisp outside, it was gently crackly to the bite. The pork caul added a subtle savoury sweet taste to the whole pork roll.

Hard to find nowadays, we love it.

The pork caul pork roll need prior arrangements with Sharon as she needs to pre-order the pork caul from the butcher. Sharon also does pork aspic 肉凍 which we would love to try next time. Call ☏ +6011 1148 8641.

Sharon declined our payment for our food.

Written by Tony Boey on 5 Mar 2023

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