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Best Food Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards 2013


It's already been 4 days since winning the Best Food Blog title at the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 and I am still coming to grips with what has happened. Hence, the long delay in this post-award post.

While waiting for the results, my hopes were sky high but my expectations were realistically grounded. Food blogging is a very crowded field in Singapore and Johor Kaki blog is still pretty much unknown.


I held my hopes up and aimed high because the Singapore Blog Awards is important for getting Johor Kaki's message about Johor food and hawkers to the Singapore audience.

I am so very happy that Johor Kaki won as this would help more people be aware of Johor food and hawkers - which is what Johor Kaki blog is all about.

Thank you everyone who helped made this happened.


For this award, I owe a debt of gratitude to many people. Too many to mention by name here, I can only thank you in groups.

I have private messaged individuals to personally thank as many supporters as possible. If I unintentionally missed anyone, I apologise and please, please give me a shout out.

First and foremost, my sincere thanks to Johor hawkers because without them, there would be no content, no Johor Kaki blog. Hawkers are the true heroes, mostly unsung - not Johor Kaki who merely blogs about them.

My thanks to Johor Kaki supporters who rooted for the blog. Many voted everyday - it's a pain I know, and Tony made it worse by spamming your inbox. Sorry about that :P

Many of you rallied your friends multiple times to support Johor Kaki using your own Facebook profiles, and your precious Facebook pages. I am touched that so many of you shared the Johor Kaki vision with such enthusiasm :)

Thanks to my bloggie friend Derrick Tan of SG Food on Foot blog for nominating me for the awards. Derrick was also the first person to tell me that I am in the list of 10 finalists.


Organising and running the Singapore Blog Awards was quite a feat, considering that over 1000 blogs took part in the contest.

Thanks to the panel of judges for their decision.

Thanks to Singapore Press Holdings for staging the Awards and the OMY team for conducting the event so professionally.

And, now I am fully energised to go track down more good Johor hawkers and blog about them.

Thank you.


9 July 2013


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