Friday, 5 October 2012

Putu Piring Larkin Dan Kuih-Muih in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Joe, my Johor Bahru friend showed me this special "drive thru" putu piring place which I fell in love with instantly. (Thanks! Joe.) The very next day, I brought my Singapore friends over to show off my new good food find :) They were equally impressed :)

This putu piring stall is in the compound of the family home of the very warm and friendly Enche Bakar along Jalan Langkasuka in Larkin, Johor Bahru.

Enche Bakar said that he has been making putu piring in the same traditional way for more than 30 years.

There was a constant stream of cars coming into the compound to take-away Enche Bakar's famous putu piring and kuih-muih. I saw many cars with out of state and Singapore licence plates. Obviously, the fame of Enche Bakar's putu piring has travelled far and wide, and deservedly so. 

I love these piping hot putu pirings. They were soft and delicately sweet from the gula Melaka. The grated coconut had a little bit of salt added. The appetising yellowish colour came from tumeric powder added to the rice flour. Eating the soft and sweet putu piring together with the slightly salty and tender grated coconut treated my taste buds to an interesting mix of flavours and texture. I polished off 5 putu pirings (for RM2) with a teh tarik easily even with a ¾ tank full tummy.

It was fun trying to hold the piping hot and tender putu piring with the fingers as they taste best, straight off those cute looking steaming cones:)

When you are around the Larkin area, I highly recommend swinging by the "drive thru" Putu Piring Larkin to enjoy the warmth and friendliness of Enche Bakar's stall and to take away some lovely putu pirings that will warm the hearts of your loved ones. Really.

Restaurant name: Putu Piring Larkin Dan Kuih-Muih
Address: Family home along Jalan Langkasuka near the T-junction at Jalan Langkasuka and Jalan Chenderawaseh, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.501918,103.743392
Hours: 12:00 noon to 6:00pm (Closed on Sunday)

Dates visited: 3 Oct 2012, 4 Oct 2012

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  1. Looks yummy! I would love to try that when I'm in Johor!

    1. Yes, its a unique local snack in a special place :)

  2. wow, i am amazed. How would anyone know that they are selling that over there. Must be just word of mouth as I don't see any advertising or signs.

    franchise! =P

    1. Yes, 40 years of word of mouth. My thanks to Joe for pointing this stall out to me and taking me here :)

  3. i have been visiting this stall since small kid.. and had my last try few months ago.. just found that the putu piring is just so so so sweet!!! the taste has changed!

  4. I visited this particular stall twice, on 6/10/12 Saturday (around 8.30am) and on 14/10/12 Sunday (around 1pm). But to my great disappointment, it was not open on both occasions. Not only that, there was no one in the house and I couldn't ask for their correct operating hours.

    I hope Johor Kaki would be able to clarify this with them.

    1. Oh dear, let me go clarify with them.

  5. business hour : 12.00pm-6.30pm
    from : monday-saturday
    off day : sunday

    1. Thank you, have adjusted the hours :) Appreciate the info.


    here the official page of putu piring
    hope SHARE & LIKE ...;)

  7. Hi, went there today thanks to this post. Such a cool laid back place! FYI I think their opening times are a little "rubber time" though as it was past 1pm before Encik Bakar actually got the little cakes steaming away. Nevertheless it was worth the wait, the piping hot (nowadays elusive) Putu Piring was delicious! Honestly speaking though I wasn't wild about the addition of turmeric and the yellow tinge...


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