Monday, 27 January 2014

Samyang Chacharoni Chinese Soybean Paste Ramen Stir Instant Noodle

Bought this Samyang Chacharoni Chinese Soybean Paste Ramen Stir Noodle to try because of the attractive packaging and the funny name "cha cha roni" :D

This is dry "stir noodles" not the type with noodles in broth.


Inside the packet, the noodle block, a sachet of freeze dried ingredients and a sachet of dark soybean paste.


The sachet of freeze dried soybeans and tiny bits of fried dough.


The instant stir noodles ready within 10 minutes. The sticky sauce held the noodles together into a flattened ball of damp yarn.


The heavy noodles have a soft, gummy, tacky feel.

The heavily flavoured sauce overwhelms the noodles, so I could not detect the flavours from the noodles itself.

The gooey, tacky sauce cling tightly to the noodles and tasted salty, savoury and sweet. There wasn't any aroma from the dark soybean sauce. 

The freeze dried soya bean and bits of fried dough were too little and mostly disappeared in the pile of noodles, and their flavours overwhelmed by the sauce.

Samyang Chacharoni Chinese Soybean Paste Ramen Stir Instant Noodle is not certified Halal.

Rating 3/10.


  1. Was gonna ask if you have had authentic jjajangmyeon noodles and how these compare to them. I find them almost completely lacking of the true flavor, however great review I found it exactly as you say.

  2. Err... i dont know if its not halal certified because of 100% veggie, or it does contain pork ingredients etc..


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