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The Great Aussie BBQ Cook Out - Johor Kaki Travels


When in Australia, those in the know will tell you that the BYO DIY (Bring Your Own, Do it Yourself) public BBQ is one of the best eating experiences you can have.

If food is a window to the local culture, the Aussie public BBQ surely reflects the country's laid back, easy going attitude towards life.

Public BBQs are found in most recreational public places like parks and beaches. Usually, park tables and benches with shelters and children's playgrounds are built with the public BBQ as the hub - the centre of activities.


There are online booking systems but most people wouldn't bother. It's a free and easy, everyone is welcome approach to the public BBQ, and indeed to life. You just show up and share the BBQ with new friends whom you meet for the first time :)

Reminds me of 1970s Singapore where you just show up among a group of strangers and become an instant football team member by uttering the magic words "Can I play?" to the nearest boy.


We got to thank our guide Luke for the memorable Aussie public BBQ experience at Litchfield National Park.

Wangi Falls

We were starving after a wonderful morning of waterfall hopping and dipping in great sunny weather.


We all got a chance to try our hands at flipping burgers.


Everyone assembled their own burgers according to their own fancies.


My modest beef burger. I like my burgers with lots of grilled sweet and savoury unions, and tangy ketchup.


This is Luke putting the finishing touches to his chicken burger.


Luke showing us how to enjoy the fruits of the ultimate Aussie public BBQ cook out.

What impressed me two decades ago was the way the locals cleaned up the public BBQs for the next user. I am glad that this tradition is still honoured to this day.

If you have not experienced the great Aussie public BBQ cookout, don't be shy, go to the local supermarket buy some sausages, meat and BBQ sauce and you are all set to go :)

Acknowledgement: My visit to Darwin was graciously supported by Northern Territories Tourism Australia and Singapore Press Holdings.

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