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Food Republic (République) in Johor Bahru, Taman Pelangi


This is my second invited visit to Food République restaurant again arranged by Kim Tan. It was over a year since my first visit to Food République. This time our group includes bloggers Ler Ler, Carinn and Hui Ying.


Food République is still the same - no frills, simple, neat, basic but warm, welcoming and the food is good :D


At Food République, owner chef Ben Ting personally does the cooking. (You can read more about Ben in my first post - suffice to say that Ben is as passionate about his food ever.)  

Ben started us off with some appetisers while he was busy in the kitchen,  

Italian Bruschetta Appetizer (RM6.90)

I had this Bruschetta before during my last visit. Still liked it a lot. Diced pan fried vegetables like tomatoes and mushrooms drizzled with balsamic vinegar on a slice of crispy toasted French loaf. Nice mix of textures and tangy savoury sweet flavours. Addictive.

Fried Polenta (RM 8.90)

Food République's Fried Polenta is one of my favourite appetisers. Made with cornmeal, the polenta was crusty, crispy outside and inside it was hot, fluffy soft, slightly grainy and nutty. Very nice mouth feel and slightly sweet. Love it.

Tortilla Nachos with Salsa (RM 12.90)

Simple crackly Tortilla Nachos but quite addictive with Food République's house blended salsa dip made with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and more.

For today's tasting, Ben let us try his house blended Texas Honey Glaze sauce which he personally created. The all-natural syrupy sauce is a blend of tangy, sweet, and savoury with a pronounced perky, refreshing citrusy flavour.

Texas Honey Glazed Ribeye (RM55.90)

Our 8 1/2 oz slab of Australian ribeye steak was done medium well (about 70%). The meat and juices paired with the Texas Honey Glazed marinade giving us buttery savoury beef with a hints of refreshing pineapple perkiness.

Texas Glazed Salmon RM52.90

The thick slab of salmon marinated and grilled with the house blended Texas Glaze Sauce.


I like the taste and flavour of tender salmon flesh with the savoury crispy skin coated with Food République's Texas Honey Glaze.


The salmon came with a string of grilled shrimps marinated with the Texas Honey Glaze.

Of course, a visit to Food République would be incomplete without tasting Ben's famous best selling gourmet burgers.

Smoked Grilled Chicken Burger RM20.90

The Smoked Grilled Chicken Burger is one of my favourites. A large chunk of juicy grilled chicken meat with melted cheese on slices of tomato, onion, and pickled cucumber sandwiched between a fluffy, bouncy sesame bun. 


There's lots of cheese in the chicken burger :D

Honey Glazed Beef Burger (RM24.90)

The Texas Honey Glazed Beef Burger came with a cob of corn and a generous heap of French fries. 


The beef bacon was excellent. Plenty of chewy bite and savoury flavours. Together, the tender beef patty, the stiff chewy bacon, the crunchy juicy vegetables and the bouncy pillowy bun makes a very interesting combination of textures for our tastebuds. 

Double Choc Fudge Brownie RM9.90

Kim asked for her "must have" Double Choc Fudge Brownie dessert. Firm yet bouncy, sweet and warm spongy brownie topped with a scoop of ice cold vanilla ice cream and the whole thing drizzled with bitter-sweet chocolate syrup. I like this dessert too for its sweet, warm, cold and bitter-sweet mix of flavours and textures.

We had a very pleasant evening at Food République. I am glad to meet new blogger friends who share the same passion for food and sharing through blogging.

Our take? We were unanimous that Food République is a no frills place serving good Western cuisine at reasonable prices.

Restaurant name: Food République
Address: 72, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.484350,103.775015
Hours: 12:00 noon to 10:00pm
No pork, no lard, No Halal cert

Date visited: 19 Oct 2012, 6 Jan 2014

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  1. On 30 nov 2015, intent to visit Food République but a new Taiwan restaurant has replace it. Do u know where has Food Reublicique has shift to?


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