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Insomnia (formerly Cestino Patisserie) in Country Garden, Danga Bay, Johor Bahru


David, one of the partners of (formerly) Cestino invited me to visit their new outlet at Country Garden in Danga Bay. Country Garden is a 9,000+ unit luxury condominium development, the centrepiece of the Danga Bay project. 

Located inside the grand sea facing clubhouse, Insomnia Cestino Patisserie is easy to locate once you are in Country Garden.


One entrance to Insomnia Cestino Patisserie faces the children's playground and park.


Another entrance faces the broad, windy pedestrian walkway.


Inside, Insomnia's Cestino's décor is inviting, cheerful contemporary chic. The ambiance during the day is bright and gay because of the high ceiling and towering full length windows.


There is a wall of books and magazines encouraging customers to stay and relax.


I love these heavy armchairs which we can sink into and curl up with a good book and nice coffee. Located by the windows, this is also ideal for enjoying intimate conversations and a cuppa with views of silently passing ships in the Straits of Johor.


The service counter, cake display and bright open kitchen. (Cestino Country Garden's cakes and pastries come from their central bakery at the Tebrau City outlet.)

Insomnia Cestino Patisserie has a menu of café staples.

Smoked Chicken Calzone RM27

Folded pizza with smoked chicken, cheese and tomatoes wrapped in a soft crust.

Ratatouille Puff RM7

Crispy, puffy wrap with vegetable fillings.

Spaghetti Smoked Salmon with Salad RM25

Spaghetti pasta served with slices of smoked salmon, vegetable salad and tomato based sauce.

Cestino-Patisserie-Country-Garden- Danga-Bay-Johor-Bahru
Fruit Salad with Cocktail Sauce RM16

I like Insomnia's Cestino's fruit salad. The juicy cut fruits were fresh and the house blend creamy cocktail sauce was savoury, tangy with a slight spicy kick. Love this.


For me, it is Insomnia Cestino's freshly brewed coffees and pastries that appeal to me most.


Insomnia Cestino's coffees are brewed with their own "SECRET" house blend which is imported Arabica beans roasted in their own facility with their special formula.

Café Mocha RM9                                           Cappuccino RM8

Insomnia Cestino's coffees have good rich body, smooth texture and a lovely aroma.


Cestino's famous Signature Tiramisu. Chilled, just nice sweetness, soft, not too creamy and with a delightful kick from the liquor inside. Perfect companion for a nice bitter-sweet robust coffee.


Remember to pick up a bag of Cestino's hot selling crunchy biscotti or coffee bread.

Café and coffee culture is scaling new heights in Johor Bahru. More themed café and higher end coffee bars are adding richness to the life style in Johor Bahru.

Insomnia Cestino Patisserie in Country Garden is one of the Johor home grown trend setting places to experience. A must for coffee lovers.

Restaurant name: Insomnia Cestino Patisserie (Country Garden, Danga Bay outlet)
Address: Country Garden, Danga Bay (off Jalan Skudai)
GPS: 1.473481,103.724325
Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 7 Jan 2014

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  1. My family like to go to the Tebrau outlet. Good food, price and service.

    1. What is then Tebrau outlet's address? I like in Taman Pelangi

  2. hi, what other restaurants are open at country garden. thank you.


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