Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mamee Chef Perisa Tom Yam Thai Instant Noodles

Mamee instant noodles is a household name in Malaysia and Singapore. Today, I bought a 5-pack of Mamee Chef Perisa Tom Yam Thai Instant Noodles on impulse - attracted by the attractive packaging and also an old attachment to the brand. I am curious to know, how are Mamee instant noodles of today any different from those when I was a child.


The contents from the packet of Mamee Chef Perisa Tom Yam Thai Instant Noodles.


The noodle block.


The packet of freeze dried ingredients. There were pieces of small shrimps, spring unions, chili and some shreds of cabbages.


The curry spice. I could smell the spicy fragrance when I cut open the sachet.

The package of tom yam paste also had a nice spicy aroma.


My bowl of steaming tom yam noodles cooked according to instructions on the package (nothing additional added).


The tender noodles have a good spring :D The spicy broth clinging to the noodles gave it a slight spicy sting which I like. The bits of chili, spring onions and shrimps broke the monotony of the noodles. There were, however, not much flavour nor texture in those freeze dried bits.


The broth was light bodied but was flavoursome with mildly tangy and spicy tom yam tastes and flavours.

I did not feel any MSG thirst after eating the tom yam noodles and drinking the entire bowl of instant broth.

Mamee Chef Perisa Tom Yam Thai Instant Noodles is certified Halal.

Rating 5.5/10.

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