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Rapid Creek Sunday Market in Darwin, Australia - Johor Kaki Travels


I love visiting food markets wherever I go. To me, it's the best place to meet everyday local people as they are, where they are.


The Rapid Creek market is a Sunday morning bazaar where small temporary stalls open at the business village to sell local produce and food. The oldest Sunday market in Darwin, it is located in the leafy northern Millner suburb which is just a short bus ride from downtown Darwin.


oh.. in Darwin AUD3 gets you unlimited city bus rides for 3 hours. The buses are very comfortable and there is even free wifi at bus stops and on the bus (yes, wifi on the moving bus). Buy your ticket when you board. Driver does not give change.

oh.. the bus was not tipping over (in the picture). The bus actually tilts a little at bus stops so that it is level with the pavement for the comfort and safety of passengers. Cool.

Rapid Creek Sunday Market is a warm cosy place where people gather, shop, or just browse and mingle.

It's a convenient place to pick up the week's fresh greens and fruits. There is also a small fresh seafood shop.


I noticed that many people come to Rapid Creek for Asian food. I heard different languages spoken besides English. There is Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

The place is quite small. About 50 small stalls lining the building's corridors and part of the car park. The narrow corridors were jammed with brushing bodies. You constantly have to squeeze pass people.


The place is colourful with many types of food on sale. It has the aromas of Asian street markets.


There is even Asian market style haggling.


The whole atmosphere here is relaxed and casual. Some looked like weekend hawkers out on a picnic while the rest were weekend shoppers taking a morning stroll.


I saw many kinds of colourful vegetables from Asia.


This variety of bitter gourd with it's wart-like skin fascinates me.


You can even get freshly made Popsicles here.


Fresh fruit juices are very popular in sunny Darwin.


I was watching this man stir frying noodles. A gust of wind sent the pungent aroma in my direction. I sputtered, coughed and choked a little. "Be careful. Thai noodles, Very spicy", the man said. For a moment, I thought I stumbled upon Gordon Ramsay and the Australian hawker challenge :)

I haven't slept as we arrived on an overnight flight. Had breakfast at the hotel, so I didn't sample the food on sale here.

I did sample a slice of local mango. It was good as the famed Australian mangoes are.


Like a slice of Aussie mango, Rapid Creek Sunday market is a slice of the famed Aussie lifestyle - warm, diverse, welcoming, easy going, bright and cheerful.

Acknowledgement: My trip to Darwin was graciously supported by Northern Territories Tourism Australia and Singapore Press Holdings.

Rapid Creek Sunday Market
Address: 48 Trower Road, Millner, Darwin, Australia
GPS: 12.386260,130.862327
Hours: 6:30am to 1:30pm (Sundays only)

Date visited: 25 Aug 2013

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