Monday, 3 February 2014

Ibumie Always Mi Goreng Flavour Perisa Asli

Ibumie Always Mi Goreng Flavour Perisa Asli from Malaysia.

(Mi Goreng is a savoury, spicy and sometimes tangy-sweet wok fried noodle dish popular in Malaysia and Singapore. This instant noodle tries to emulate this Malaysia/ Singapore street food favourite.) 


Inside the packet were the noodle block and four small sachets of shallot oil, soya sauce, seasoning powder and chili powder.


The seasoning powder.


The savoury, sticky dark soya sauce (kicap).


The palm oil with fried shallot released a pleasant fried shallot fragrance when I cut the sachet open. But the fragrance did not stay very long.


The chili powder.


The mop of noodles after tossing in the blend of kicap (soy sauce), chili powder, shallot oil and seasoning powder. The noodles coated with the blended sauce tasted savoury and felt smooth. Despite the chili powder, the spiciness was hardly detectable.


The noodles were soft and yet a little crunchy which is a plus point. It had a very slight wheat taste.

Though tasty in it's own way, Ibumie Always Mi Goreng is not quite the mi goreng that this instant noodle tried to emulate.

Ibumie Always Mi Goreng Flavour Perisa Asli is certified Halal.

Rating: 4.5/10 based on Johor Kaki standardised instant noodle rating system.

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