Saturday, 22 February 2014

百家陳记 红油酸菜 干拌细粉 Instant Vermicelli


百家陳记 红油酸菜 干拌细粉 instant vermicelli from China.


Inside the paper cup, a wiry ball of vermicelli and 2 sachets, of seasoning oil and garnish. There was a small plastic fork.


The silvery ball of stiff and brittle vermicelli made of a blend of sweet potato, corn and cassava starch,


The greasy pickled cabbage smells of salt, preservatives and chemicals.


The seasoning oil made with unspecified "vegetable oil" with chili and soy paste.


The vermicelli block was soaked in boiled water for 5 minutes, and then drained (according to the instructions). The seasoning oil and pickled cabbage garnish were then added to the cup of vermicelli, and tossed vigorously with a fork.


The garnish of mainly preserved cabbage tasted sourish, slightly spicy and the grease was well absorbed in the ball of moist vermicelli.

The clean tasting vermicelli was surprisingly springy and had a nice tender, yet taut texture. The vermicelli coated with seasoning oil and mixed with the pickled cabbage's bold tangy and salty flavours was tasty and slurpy smooth. 

I liked it.

I know I shouldn't but I ate up the whole cup of vermicelli. Yummy but very greasy and salty.

百家陳记 红油酸菜 干拌细粉 instant vermicelli is certified Halal.

Rating: 4.5/10 based on Johor Kaki standardised instant noodle rating system.

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