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Flying Wanton Mee in Johor Bahru 飞面 吉纪云吞面

Update: This stall is now at 59 Jalan Bakawalli 50, Taman Johor Jaya (beside Sports TOTO outlet) 👌

I first stumbled upon Edwin, Johor's flying wanton mee man while food hunting in Taman Pelangi not long after starting Johor Kaki blog back in early 2012.

I wandered past Edwin's 吉纪 wanton mee stall in Tien Tien kopitiam when the corner of my eye caught a steaming yellow ball of noodles flying through the air.

As I had never seen flying wanton mee before in Singapore, I was fascinated by Edwin's attention grabbing performance.

I immediately ordered a bowl to try and it turned out that Edwin's wanton mee tasted pretty good too, so I blogged about it.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面 Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

The hardworking Edwin works two shifts now. In the morning till lunch, he is at his Taman Pelangi stall. In the evenings till before midnight, Edwin is at his Taman Johor Jaya, Jalan Bakawali stall.

So, when my buddy David mentioned that he wanted to eat handmade fish balls and also see a flying wanton mee, I brought him to Edwin's stall in Johor Jaya, Jalan Bakawali.


Edwin has mastered the skill of high tossing wanton mee and he makes every bowl of noodles with the same care and effort. Notice how thoroughly Edwin rinsed the noodles; an essential step some stalls do half-heartedly or even skip altogether. I really respect Edwin for his energy and hard work in running two stalls.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

I ordered my usual wantan mee in old school original flavour sauce 原味 laced with a bit of lard :P

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

David giving his bowl of wantan noodles with black sauce a good toss.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

Black and white. Different strokes for different folks but both David and I enjoyed our eggy, crunchy noodles.

吉纪's egg noodles are house made by Edwin's dad, who is the founder of the stall.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

As typical Singaporeans, we got to have our mee pok 面薄 :p  I asked for my mee pok in the original flavour sauce 原味 so that I can really taste the noodles' natural flavours.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

Like his wantan mee, Edwin's mee pok also has a nice eggy flavour and a light al dente spring. Original flavour sauce 原味 is very mere in flavour which I like but for people who prefer more robust flavours, you may enjoy the dark soy based, or the chili based sauce more. 

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

The char siew is typical of Johor Bahru style - lightly roasted, lean, sliced thin and slightly sweet. 

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

Nice medium sized wantons of smooth skins filled with well marinated soft pork mince.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

If you like a heftier dumpling, Edwin also serves this sui kau 水饺. The larger dumplings are filled with pork and shrimp mince, and diced mushroom and water chestnut.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

At his Jalan Bakawali stall, Edwin also sells fish balls which he hand makes himself everyday. As the fish balls are hand made, the numbers available are small.


吉纪's fish balls are made with 100% fresh Yellowtail fish 番薯鱼. Fresh tasting, clean light fish flavour with gentle spring (not the ping pong type of bounce of starch filled "fish balls").

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

Freshly fried crispy wanton side dish.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

Red and white. Chili and mayonnaise dip for the fried wanton.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面

Fried chicken feet with Chinese black mushroom braised till soft and savoury.

Edwin generously declined our payment for the food eaten. Thank you, Edwin.

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面
吉纪 at Taman Pelangi morning till mid day

Flying-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-飞面 吉纪云吞面
吉纪 at Taman Johor Jaya Bakawali

Restaurant name: 吉纪 Wanton Noodle House (a stall in Restoran Tien Tien)
Address: Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi
GPS: 1.481329,103.773444 
Hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm (Closed on Weds)

Address: Jalan Bakawali 13, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Baru 59 Jalan Bakawalli 50, Taman Johor Jaya (opposite Sports TOTO outlet)
GPS: 1.543006,103.793667 1°32'27.4"N 103°47'42.4"E | 1.540940, 103.795110
Hours: 5:00pm to 11:00pm 7:00am to 3:30pm (Closed on Weds)

Non Halal  

Date visited: 6 Feb 2012, 4 Apr 2014

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  1. I wish to inform you that Edwin's Taman Pelangi stall is run by foreign workers and he is very seldom seen there these days...

  2. There is a chinese cook.. but food taste so so only... and the noodle dont fly!!

  3. For info, Edwin is no longer in Pelangi, concentrating fully on his stall at 59, Jalan Bakawali 50. Another business owner has taken the Pelangi stall. Thank you.


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