Monday, 15 September 2014

Fat Cow Burgers at Cow Palace in Singapore


I am not a fan of burgers. To me burgers represent the epitome of industrialised food, the worst enemy of our food heritage.


Frankly, when owner Chef Eddie invited me to try his Fat Cow Burgers, I wasn't filled with excitement. But, I do know that Eddie is a creative chef with fine dining background, and decided to give his gourmet burgers a try.

(I first met Eddie at his Greenet restaurant in Johor Bahru.)

Oh man, I actually liked Fat Cow gourmet burgers enough to write this post ahead of my mountain of blog debts.


I tried Fat Cow's signature "Fat Cow Palace" grilled beef burger SGD18.


(Fat Cow Burgers are served with French fries and a can of soda.)


"Fat Cow Palace" is a looming tower of double well seasoned grilled wagyu beef patty, grilled crispy bacon, crispy deep fried onion, cheese and parmesan crisps. 


Holding it all together is Fat Cow's house baked signature "black and white" charcoal buns with a "normal" toasted outside.


The burger tower was so tall, I had to ask Eddie how to eat it. Eddie said the best way is to take it in our hands and just take it in in big bites.

Listen to what the man says.

I really liked this.

The meaty beef patty which Fat Cow made with chilled wagyu was seasoned with Eddie's own special sauce. The grilled patty was tender and oozing, dripping with savoury juice. The soft cheese, and crispy fried onions added textures and layers of savouriness to the burger.

The bun was fluffy but was flattened by squeezing between my hands :P 

One "Fat Cow Palace" burger and I have no more room in my stomach, so I had to take a rain check for the other burgers.


"Matado" burger (SGD13) consists of deep fried chicken, cheese, mayonnaise and leafy lettuce between fluffy buns.


The unique "Fat Mo Moooo" burger SGD15. 


Single beef patty, pulled BBQ beef, cheese and crispy deep fried onions. I am a fan of pulled beef and this is the first time I see it in a burger.

Definitely shall try Fat Cow's "Fat Mo Moooo" next time :D


Besides burgers, Fat Cow Burgers at Cow Palace also serves a selection of house made chilled sweet desserts. 


Restaurant name: Cow Palace (Fat Cow Burger)
Address: 43, Temple Street, Singapore
GPS: 1.283072,103.843926
Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 13 Sep 2014

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