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CLOSED Hui Mian Zhi Jia Pontian Noodle House in Pontian, Johor 辉面之家


(CLOSED as owners have retired.) Yun Xi 秐汐 invited Johor Kaki to visit her dad's noodle shop Hui Mian Zhi Jia 辉面之家 in Pontian.

The owner of Hui Mian Zhi Jia 辉面之家, Ah Hui started work in his grandfather's noodle factory at the tender age of 9. At age 18, Ah Hui started his own mobile stall on a tricycle in Pontian selling wanton noodles. In 1991, Ah Hui moved into his present shop making and serving his own noodles at Jalan Taib.


Today's Hui Mian Zhi Jia is a bright and clean modern noodle shop serving a variety of signature noodles dishes in addition to the classic Pontian wanton mee.


Ah Hui still does the cooking personally, supported by his younger brother (left picture).

Ah Hui's daughter Yun Xi 秐汐 left her successful corporate career in Kuala Lumpur to help her dad take Hui Mian Zhi Jia to the next level. Yun Xi's vision is to share her dad's noodles with people beyond Pontian. 


Hui Mian Zhi Jia Noodle House serves a few signature noodle dishes but the first thing that I want to try is their rendition of the classic Pontian wanton mee.

Hui Mian's Pontian wantan mee comes with the classic tangy, sweet, savoury and spicy "red sauce".  The noodles were topped with thin, lean slices of home roasted char siew.


The Pontian wanton noodles after tossing in the signature tangy, sweet, spicy and savoury sauce, coating every strand "red".


Hui Mian's egg noodles were cooked till slightly soft but still retaining a slight spring. I found this texture common across all the Pontian wanton mee stalls that I have tried in Pontian, so far.

The blend of tangy, sweet, spicy and savoury flavours of the "red sauce" was robust; at Hui Mian, it's slightly more assertive than most of the rest.

If you are looking for an authentic Pontian wanton mee, Hui Mian would be a good place to try it.


Hui Mian's wantans were also good.

The pinch of minced pork was wrapped in a large robe of slippery smooth wanton skin. The fresh pork was naturally sweet but didn't have the peppery and sesame flavours usually found in wantons in Johor Bahru and Singapore.


The clear broth was also light in flavour with briny notes from the dried seaweed. Again, the familiar pepper and sesame flavours were not present.  


This yee mian served in claypot 砂煲薏面 is one of Hui Mian's proudest creations.

Yee mian is regular egg noodles which are deep fried to make it brittle and crispy. At Hui Mian, the yee mian is served in a savoury broth laced with fragrant premium Chinese cooking wine 花雕酒 and garnished with fried minced pork, spring onion, fried shallot and fried bean curd sheet.


We also tried the Mushroom Bak Chor Mee 香菇肉碎面.

I wanted to taste Hui Mian's mee pok 面薄 which is one of my favourite type of noodles. Again, Hui Mian's mee pok noodles were cooked a little softer than al dente but with a little spring remaining, which is the local preference.

Unlike the tangy sweet Pontian wanton mee sauce, the savoury sweet flavour was clearly dominant in the bak chor mee sauce.


The bak chor mee come with a generous topping of fried minced pork.


There were also a couple of dense, tight and tasty ikan parang fish balls in the soup.


Yun Xi has added a few interesting contemporary style drinks to Hui Mian's menu.

->> Hui Mian Zhi Jia 辉面之家 is a nice comfortable place to enjoy that bright red authentic Pontian wanton mee and other interesting house made noodle dishes.

Thank you Yun Xi for the invite and hospitality.


Restaurant name: Hui Mian Zhi Jia Noodle House 辉面之家 
Address: 754 & 755, Jalan Taib, Pontian, Johor (same row with Public Bank)
GPS: 1.486565,103.389608 /  1°29'11.6"N 103°23'22.6"E
Hours: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 4 Sep 2014

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  1. This place is closed. I went yesterday (7 April 2018) and it was closed and there was a "Untuk Disewa" (for rent) sign pasted on the shutters. You might want to update your post.

  2. Hi, i am the daughter of the owner my parent has retired. But we still manufacture our noodles.

  3. Hi,these same good tasting noodles can still be found at the restaurant run by the owner's(Ah Hui's) younger brother at 17, Ground Floor, Taman Kota Emas, Jalan Sungai Gurap, 82000 Pontian, Johor. Or follow them at


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