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3-Step Social Media Plan for Restaurants and Hawkers - Easy, Effective, Proven, and Affordable Do-it-Yourself Content Marketing

Social media has changed how publicity and marketing work in business.

Social media gives small players like hawkers the power to reach up to 100 thousand potential customers with just USD200.

This is something unimaginable just 5 years ago.

Do-it-yourself social media is also easy to do and most hawkers can do it on their own. If not, a bit of guidance from someone who has done it before will do the trick.

Here is a simple 3-step social media action plan anyone can use right away.

Step 1

Set up a free business Facebook account and a free YouTube account. Just follow the simple instructions when you sign up online.

Step 2

Get your stall mentioned on the World Wide Web.

The most common way is to invite bloggers to visit your stall.

Don't know any bloggers? No problem. Check out this list of Singapore Blog Award 2014 finalists, some of Singapore's finest.

You don't even need to get a blogger to get your social media marketing plan rolling.

Take out your handphone and grab a quick video of your regular customers talking about your stall. Or, you can record yourself speaking about your stall.  

Upload the video directly from your phone to YouTube. I have done it many times and it  takes at most 20 minutes to upload a video (usually about 5 to 10 minutes).

This is a video I recently did with Lau Ah Tee bak kut teh stall using my handphone (2013 model). It was uploaded to YouTube within 5 minutes. 

You can do it easily too. Do it as often as you like.

There is no need to be too slick. Sincere and authentic is probably more credible than fake and over polished. 

Step 3

Post your YouTube video on your Facebook page.   

Boost your Facebook post so that more people can see your YouTube video. 

For USD100 (at current rates),  Facebook will serve your post to 20,000 to 50,000 targeted Facebook accounts of your choice.

This is the most cost effective way to get your message across to the right people - far less than traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Facebook lets you target your audience, so you can choose your customers based on where they live, age group, hobbies, profession and so on. There is less waste of sending your message to bogus or ghost accounts.    

You can do it. Most people regret not starting earlier.   


Three years after starting my mission "to put every hawker on the world wide web", the job is still far from done. 

Blogging one hawker at a time, progress is steady but too slow.  Many hawkers are still not reached.  

So on top of blogging, now I would like to also show hawkers (and other small businesses) how to do their own social media marketing with simple, workable action plans. It is easy to use the simple plans I share.  Every hawker can be their own do-it-yourself social media marketeer.  

It is easy. Anyone can do it.  

If you still prefer face-to-face guidance, you can contact me at

More on social media marketing for hawkers.


7 Sep 2014


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips to help our hawkers. I am heartened by your effort as a hawker evangelist to sustain our invaluable culinary traditions. Hopefully some of them would take heed of this advice, and maybe you can help to highlight them too? :)

    1. Thank you Walter. You are the guru. I only got the willingness and some gung ho. You can help me :D


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