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Grazia Cafe in Johor Bahru, Taman Sutera Utama


Grazia Cafe is a quaint little eatery tucked in a corner of Taman Sutera Utama near Sutera Mall.

Every nook and corner of Grazia Cafe bears the imprint of Kellie, the youthful owner.


Kellie wanted to a create a relaxing, unpretentious space for her customers where everyone would feel at home.

The furnishings in Grazia Cafe are eclectic, a mishmash of odds and ends. This is partly because Kellie is a lady of many interests and also because many of the items in Grazia were bought secondhand.

Kellie dreamt of owning her own cafe and started Grazia three years ago on a shoestring budget. So, many of the furnishings were pre-used and adopted from other places. Re-use, recycle and re-purpose are also Earth friendly ideas which Kellie brought home from her travels.


Kellie is a coffee enthusiast, and hence there is also an espresso bar in Grazia Cafe.


As Kellie is an avid traveller who had been to many Asian and European countries, Grazia is decorated with many of Kellie's travel memorabilia.

Kellie loves to mail postcards to her family and friends from the place she is travelling. So she welcomes customers to buy and mail postcards from Grazia Cafe. Just hand your written postcard to the staff, and s/he will stamp and mail it for you.

Grazia serves a wide range of cafe fare such as pizzas and pastas, all with a local twist. Kellie's younger brother who had worked in a Singapore hotel before, helms the kitchen at Grazia. 

The homemade cream of mushroom soup RM7.90. 

Savoury and mushroomy, the soup was likable flavour wise but was blended a bit too finely for my liking. In Johor, the public generally prefers finely blended mushroom soup.

Bacon and Ham Pizza RM18.90.

A thin crispy crust topped with fried bacon, turkey ham slices, chopped capsicum and shiitake mushroom, and melted cheese.  

Omelette with bacon, chicken sausage, potato wedges, and baked beans.


Simple omelette with chopped ham, this was one of most beautifully executed omelette that I have ever eaten. The eggy plump yellow torpedo had a pillowy bounce and moist texture with bits of soft savoury ham.

Egg lovers must try this omelette.


Bacon Aglio Olio RM13.90.

Spaghetti with shiitake mushroom, bacon, cheese, garlic and chili. The smooth syrupy sauce was aromatic and savoury. The pasta was cooked till slightly softer than al dente in deference to local taste buds.


Smoked Duck Aglio Olio RM16.90.

Same spaghetti with savoury smoked duck breast slices, shiitake mushroom, garlic and chili.


Brownie with ice cream RM8.90.

Generic vanilla ice cream but the warm homemade brownie was chocolaty rich, syrupy moist and buttery sweet.

Perfect with coffee.


Cappuccino RM7.90.

Brewed from a blend of Brazilian and Sumatran Arabica, the medium bodied cappuccino was gently savoury with mellow caramelly sweet notes and aroma, and citrusy aftertaste.

Nice coffee!


My coffee kaki Corrine's Americano (RM6.50) on the way. Tasted smokey and piquant.


An iced coffee we tried which was not on the menu yet :P Watch out for it :D


Grazia Cafe also serves warm blended fresh milk which are popular with customers.


A casual, cosy, family friendly chill out place with nice food and good coffee at reasonable prices.

Thank you Kellie for the invite.

Restaurant name: Grazia Cafe
Address: 80, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
GPS: 1.515212,103.668891
Hours: 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm
Tel: +60 7-559 6428
Non Halal

Date visited: 1 Sep 2014

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