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Fei Fei 肥肥 Wanton Mee of Jurong not the Fei Fei 飛飛 of Joo Chiat Singapore JK1170


Today, I managed to lure my "Eat Gang" out of their usual haunts in Singapore's fancied east to the island's ulu (remote) west. Our motley crew were on our own Journey to the West in search of the truth about Singapore's two famous wanton mee stalls, Fei Fei and Fei Fei. Here is one where West (Jurong) is preferred over the East (Joo Chiat), to my simple taste buds.

Restaurant name: Fei Fei Roasted Noodle 肥肥烧腊.云吞麵
Address: Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre, Blk 254 Jurong East Street 24, #01-28, Sinagpore
GPS: 1.343457,103.738054
Hours: 9:00am to 1:00pm (Closed on Tues)
Non Halal


Fei Fei 肥肥 at Jurong East's YuHua food centre opens for business at 9:00am but serious queueing starts only at around 10:00am when their signature charcoal grilled char siew (roast pork) is ready.


Fei Fei of Jurong is one of the rare wanton mee stalls in Singapore that still serves charcoal grilled char siew instead of opting for the more common lean pork boiled in red food dye variety (which is strictly speaking not char siew 叉燒).


I noticed someone new at the stall today.

This is Wei Jie who together with (camera shy) sister Shi Min has taken over Fei Fei 肥肥 from their parents who will be retiring soon.

Wei Jie's dad, Fei Fei's founder Tommy, said that Wei Jei has taken over all the tasks in running the stall over a month ago. All the roasting work is now done by Wei Jie.


Fei Fei's wanton noodles are served with a simple light savoury aromatic sauce of light soy, oil and lard.


This simple sauce is just right for me. No need to add more dark soy sauce, chili sauce, oyster sauce or ketchup.


The slender angel hair egg noodles were cooked lightly springy al dente. The noodles had a slight alkaline taste which was balanced by the savoury aromatic sauce.


There is chili sauce available with hae bee (dried shrimp) flavour, if you are the type who must have chili sauce with your wanton noodles.


The wanton soup is the simple old style pork and anchovy kind which I like.


The wantons were good sized, filled with tender minced pork and a fresh prawn. The smooth al dente wanton skin is folded into layers bunched at the top giving the skin a milli crepe cake type of mouth feel. I like it :-D


We ordered 1/2 kilo of Fei Fei's famed char siew to share (SGD32 per kilo).


The tender char siew was mildly savoury with a layered sweetness from caramelised sugar/ honey and the pork's natural sweetness. Sharon who is not a big fan of pork because of it's sometimes overly "porky" taste, felt that Fei Fei's char siew is well balanced in flavour.


My personal preference is for char siew with a higher proportion of juicy fat, but at Fei Fei even the lean portions were tender, moist and flavourful.

Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre

If you like to know the truth about wanton mee in Singapore, head West and see if West is best.

Here is my previous post on Fei Fei wanton mee of Jurong <- click.

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  1. hello johor kaki.. why jurong is considered ulu to u ? u got problem with jurong ? u noe how many shopping center we hav here ? u noe jgateway condo price ?

    1. not al all lah.. Jurong is actually very convenient for me... in fact i feel Singapore's east is ulu to me as it's far from where I stay... Jurong is much nearer. many of my makan kakis stay in the east, so they grumble as they have to travel a long way to Jurong... it all depends on where one is staying and travelling distance. we are using the word very loosely and in a tongue in cheek manner.. :-D

  2. wahhhhh.......looks really good as you said....I go jio jio orangetshirtman go eat.


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