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Batu Pahat Cendol Pak "O" and Akbar Cendol JK1376


Pak "O" Cendol and Akbar Cendol are the two most famous cendol shops in Batu Pahat. The 70 year old shops are related by family ties, though I am not sure of the details. Both shops have their loyal following. After visiting both, I found their cendol very similar with the same DNA and I can't really tell them apart ;-D


Batu Pahat is a small rustic laid back town in Johor state. It's a good place to trace traditional dishes still relatively untouched by modernisation.


Pak "O" Cendol is a road side stall opposite the Batu Pahat bus station along Jalan Rugayah.


The busy but cheerful crew at Pak "O" is fascinating to watch :-D


Akbar Cendol is a humble shop along Jalan Engan (beside Thye On Hoe Medical Store).


The basic traditional cendol consists of green "worms" made with mung bean flour and juice from pandan leaves (where the natural green colour came from). The green "worms" are eaten with rich coconut milk sweetened with gula Melaka (palm sugar) and crushed or shaved ice.


Nowadays, cendol comes with various add ons and every stall have their fully loaded, ultimate cendol "special". At Pak "O" there are over 10 versions of cendol, and it is the same at Akbar too.


Pak "O" "special" has red beans, sweet corn, and glutinous rice on top of the green "worms".


Akbar Cendol went "one up" with a scoop of durian ice cream in their "special".


Pak "O" Air Batu Campur or ABC where cendol becomes part of another popular local cold sweet dessert - flavoured ice. 

->> When you are in Batu Pahat, try Pak "O" or Akbar cendol. Better still, go for both. Tell me which one you prefer :-D

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Restaurant name: B.P. Cendol (Pak "O")
Address: No. 65-A, Jalan Rugayah, Kampung Pegawai, Johor, 83000 Batu Pahat, Malaysia
GPS1.853165, 102.926134
Tel: +60 10-701 5047

Restaurant name: Akbar Cendol
Address: 12, Jalan Engan, Batu Pahat, Malaysia
GPS1.849115, 102.925836

Date visited: 31 Dec 2015

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  1. Is it as Good or Better than the Famous Chendol of Penang Rd, Penang?

    1. I prefer this one as the "worms" are handmade with only pandang juice and rice flour.


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