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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Warung Kurniawan Soto and Sup Tulang in Johor Bahru


The street side Warung Kurniawan which has been around for 50 years is famed for it's soto (Indonesian style chicken soup) and sup tulang (lamb shank soup). Warung Kurniawan is a favourite with locals.

Warung Kurniawan 这个50岁年历史大排档的印尼鸡汤, 羊肉骨汤, 和椰酱饭很受欢迎。他们的辣椒酱非常辣, 非常够力。地方有点热又挤,但还是值得一试


Warung Kurniawan's entire menu and price list is posted at the front. Everything here is nice and reasonably priced :-D


The stall opens at 12:00 noon, and is always full during the lunch hour with customers of every community and all walks of life.


My favourite is nasi soto.


Tender rice cakes served with pieces of boiled chicken and chicken soup. I like it that Warung Kurniawan's soft rice cakes have a subtle fresh rice flavour (which we will not find in generic factory made ones).


The chicken soup is tea coloured with light chicken and spice flavours and aroma.


And, then there is this kick ass sambal chili. Savoury, very spicy with traces of sweetness.

Most people add a spoonful or two of this sambal chili into the soto soup.

I love this so much that I ate this sambal chili will every spoonful of soup, every piece of chicken, and every mouthful of rice cake. It reached a point where I felt pain from my burning tongue and mouth, yet I could not stop.

Love this!!



Today, we also went for the sup tulang.


For RM10, we got 4 lamb shanks with a bit of meat, tendon and cartilage attached to the bone and socket. The lamb's gamey flavour was very mild. 

I ate this shank by dipping it in the super spicy sambal chili.

Wo la la!


Everything is house made at Warung Kurniawan, including this golden brown aromatic crispy fried shallot (not those tasteless factory fried "wood chips").


My doctor won't be happy if she sees this.

But, anyway, the bone marrow is light like watery jelly. A little sweet and very greasy slick. 


For good measure, we went for the bee hoon soto as well.


The same tender boiled chicken and spiced chicken broth, and the bee hoon was cooked just right with a little gently soft spring to the bite.


Warung Kurniawan still serves that classic banana leaf wrapped nasi lemak bundle for RM1.50 each. The soft starchy coconut flavoured rice is eaten with half a braised egg, a large scoop of savoury sweet spicy sambal chili and two small salted fish.


->> One of the best places in Johor Bahru to enjoy delicious traditional food like soto and tulang, and mingle with locals at a street side stall for an authentic Malaysian experience. Sharing a table with strangers friends we have not met is the norm :-D 

My first visit to Warung Kurniawan back in 2012 👈 click


Restaurant name: Warung Kurniawan 
Address: Along Jalan Kurniawan opposite Sekolah Agama Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
GPS: 1.498475,103.758637 / 1°29'54.5"N 103°45'31.1"E
Hours: 12:00pm to 7:00pm (Closed on Fri)


Dates visited: 2 Oct 2012, 8 Oct 2012, 4 Apr 2016 

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  1. This warung is belong to my late uncle and now run by my mum and aunt. I'm very happy that you speak good of this warung. But, unfortunately, my mum don't like about this post because you didn't ask permission from her. It will be appropriate if you ask her permission first. Anyway, thank you for sharing this amazing place and speak good of it.

    Ps: sorry for my bad english.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Dear Nur, thank you for your comment. I sincerely apologise to your mum for causing her discomfort. May I extend her my best regards and appreciation. Thank you.

  2. I love this so much that I ate this sambal chili will every spoonful of soup, every piece of chicken, and every mouthful of rice cake. It reached a point where I felt pain from my burning tongue and mouth, yet I could not stop.

    #50shadesofsoto :P

    tee hee hee


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