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Ah Wah Hokkien Mee, Sea Park, Paramount Garden 亚华福建炒面 JK1471


I remember Ah Wah Hokkien noodles at Paramount Garden in Petaling Jaya because we often browsed the pasar malam here over a decade ago. I was awed by the dramatic daily fireworks display at Ah Wah - though in KL, few locals even bat an eyelid as this type of fiery fury is by no means uncommon :-D Nevertheless, Ah Wah is top-of-the-mind of many KLites when it comes to KL Hokkien mee.


Talking about "wok hei", this should be made illegal :-D Can you see the turbo blower on the left blasting tornadoes at the charcoal stove just below the going-to-melt wok ;-p ? "Win already lor 赢了咯" as we say in Singapore and Malaysia.


Owner chef Ah Wah teases out the seductive flavours from the fat yellow noodles (tai lok meen), ingredients, stock and sauces by letting the licking flames roughly caress and superheat the iron wok.


Owner chef Ah Wah looks younger than his 70+ years and has been frying KL style Hokkien noodles since he was a teen - that's 50+ years of experience! Ah Wah still plays with his wok and flames with gusto.


This was the third stop of my mini food trail with buddy William, so we ordered just the smallest serving to share. I think it was RM9 (can't remember exactly ;-p ).


Bouncy spongy fat yellow noodles fully blackened with dark soy sauce. Nice savoury sweet slightly smokey flavours.

There were pork slices, prawns, a scattering of pork lard crackles and bits of greens embedded in the steamy, hot gooey mound.

Needless to say, the "wok hei 锅气" was there but less than what the dramatic fireworks promised perhaps due to the dark soy sauce and splash of slushy chicken stock thrown into the wok.

The noodles were slightly wet and wasn't as fully loaded with pork lard as I like - for this same reason, it is widely appealing to most people who prefer things in moderation :-D Personally, it's a little too wet with sauce and stock for my liking as I prefer my KL Hokkien mee drier and smothered with smoking lard, no holds barred, unrepentantly hard core aka the original Kim Lian Kee style (not any of the KLK branches).


->> A firm favourite of locals :-D When in KL, get out of the city and check this out.

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The word "Millennium" on the sun bleached sign board is more or less invisible at night but you can't miss the fireworks.

Restaurant nameAh Wah Hokkien Mee in Restoran Millennium Eighty Six 亚华福建炒面 千禧百乐茶餐室
Address: Junction of Jalan 20/16a and Jalan 20/22, Taman Paramount, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS3.108126, 101.624079 / 3°06'29.2"N 101°37'26.7"E
Tel: +6016 2512591
Hours: 6:00pm till late

Non Halal

Date visited: 25 Apr 2016

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