Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sungai Lembing Panorama Hill Sunrise 林明山 JK1666

The Panorama Hill 林明山 sunrise is one of the main attractions of Sungai Lembing town. (The other is the famed Rainbow Waterfall 彩虹瀑布.)


To catch the sunrise, we have to make our way to the Panorama Hill foothill before day break. The foothill is just 200 metres from Pasar Sungai Lembing in town. This was about 5:30am on a Sunday morning.


The climb up Panorama Hill starts here. From here to the summit it's 400 metres, basically stairs - like apartment building stairs, just narrower. The inclines are quite steep at some places at around 45°.

There are lots of climbers of all ages from children to elderly. Climbers come in groups. The traffic is single file up, and it's stop, go, stop, stop, go with frequent "traffic jams". It takes nearly 1 hour to reach the summit.


There were at least a couple of hundred people on the ridge at the crest. All waiting for the sunrise.


Little Sungai Town sleeps below with a soft blanket of low clouds. It's often referred to as a "sea of clouds" 雲海.


The sun's orange glow heralding it's imminent arrival.


The Panorama Hill sunrise.


The cameras rise as surely as the sun rises. It's a cloudy day, so the "egg yolk" was not so well defined at the edges.


Sun worshipers.


Making our way down the long flight of stairs to a new day in little Sungai Lembing town.

👍Sungai Lembing`s Panorama Hill is worth a visit. From here we can get mesmerised by the "sea of clouds" followed by a beautiful sunrise over the South China Sea. The climb is easy and at the end of it all, we are rewarded with a hearty breakfast with Sungai Lembing hometown food at the hawker centre.


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Date: 31 Jul 2016

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