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Famous Seremban Favourites. Best KL Char Siew List ⭐⭐⭐⭐✱


We had our Boxing Day breakfast at Famous Seremban Favourites at Sunway Mas in Petaling Jaya near KL. Yeah... we had FSF's famous char siew for brekky 😆


Well, lots of people have char siew for brekky in KL 😂 Inside, Famous Seremban Favourites, the little eatery is air conditioned, simply furnished, clean and comfortable.


I said it before, good char siew spotting 101 - the uglier the char siew in the window, the better it is likely to taste 😃


Of course, we must have Famous Seremban Favourite's legendary char siew. This is the RM18 medium size serving.


The rope of golden brown char siew had a mix of fat and lean meat 半肥瘦. The outside had a shiny sheen from sugar glaze with bits of char at the edges.


The thick slices of char siew were tacky and had a slight crisp outside from caramelised sugar. The thick layer of fat was soft and juicy with porky sweetness. The little token amount of tender lean meat was almost as soft as the fat.


So far, Famous Seremban Favourites' char siew has my favourite balance of savoury, sweet and porky sweet flavours.


FSF's Hakka mee served with minced pork is a good noodle dish to go with their char siew. The noodles were done soft al dente. The sauce was well balanced savoury sweet with a bit of porky taste. It reminded me a little bit of Tow Kee, the best Hakka mee that I have ever tasted.


We then had a plate of wanton mee.

Needless to say, the char siew was marvellous, even though it was the lean cut.

The egg noodles were generic and done slightly on the soft side. The watery sauce had quite interesting savoury and porky layers.

For me, I think the best way to savour FSF's special char siew is with plain white rice, so nothing gets in the way of appreciating the exquisitely balanced flavours 😄

Our total bill for all the food and drinks came to RM33.50.


Owner Bill Khoon from Seremban started Famous Seremban Favourites 12 years ago.

For Singaporeans who are familiar with Roast Paradise at Old Airport Road, Kai and Randall learnt their craft at Famous Seremban Favourite under their sifu Bill Khoon.


4-Star (out of 5). Famous Seremban Favourites have one of the best char siew that I have ever tasted. Nice contrast of light crisp and juicy soft textures. Delicate, perfect balance of savoury, sweet and natural porky flavours. This is the first time that I've ever used the "P" word to describe food in my blog.

If you like to read more about Roast Paradise (Bill's disciples)  👈 click


Restaurant name: Famous Seremban Favourites 芙蓉驰名美食店
Address: 78, Jalan PJU 1/3B, Sunway Mas Commercial Center, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS3°07'07.1"N 101°35'56.5"E | 3.118637, 101.599029
Tel+60 17-279 8582
Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm (Tues off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 26 Dec 2016

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